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Tuesday 10th January '23.  Our first meeting of the year was well attended and there was much activity going on in the club room tonight.  On Thomas layout track was ballasted where it had previously been replaced across a baseboard join. Swaleford saw card kit construction undertaken for the layouts scenic detailing. OSP&WL had wiring installed for new lit street lights. While on Godinton more track was laid on the front boards and the rear storage yard boards were checked for cross board connections and ready for final testing to the rear control panel.

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Tuesday 17th January '23.  A very well attended meeting included a demonstration and talk on the art of weathering models, this was given by Damian and he showed his techniques for aging rolling stock and buildings.  On Thomas further track ballasting was carried out and on Godinton more track was laid and rail clearance gaps cut at baseboard joints. Rear storage yard board electronic modules began to be operational to the rear control panel.

Tuesday 24th January '23. Another well attended evening with work being carried out on all layouts. More street lights were being fitted to Ospringe St Peter’s and testing completed on those already fitted previous weeks . Scenery contacts were checked on Thomas Themed Layout. Work on Swaleford low relief shopfronts continued. Metcalf kits to be purchased for further buildings to continue scenic theme.

Baseboard connections were continued on Godinton and planned building positions trialled.  Stan kindly brought cakes to celebrate his birthday.

Many thanks to Carole for the Blog text this week.

Tuesday 31st January '23.  It should have been a running evening, but due to the burst water pipe and flood that occurred at the centre at the weekend, a considerable time was spent repairing water damaged layouts. Luckily the damage was restricted to two layouts - OSP&WL N gauge where the ends of two baseboards got wet causing Plywood delamination and our OO Thomas layouts undersides plywood protection sheet.  Repairs to both layouts were undertaken and thankfully all repairs were successful and by the end of the evening we saw the two layouts restored back to normal.  While the repairs were undertaken Swaleford had more scenic work carried out and Godinton had track copper clad sleepers installed at baseboard joints and one Seep point motor replaced with a Peco PL10 motor fitted with a PL13 switch on the rear storage baseboards, this was due to two Seep motors being adjacent to each other and the Seeps physical size would not allow accurate motor alinement to their points, so one was replaced with the smaller sized PL10 motor.

Tuesday 7th February '23.  With a number of club members reporting they were unwell it was less well attended meeting than normal.  No work was carried out on Ospringe St Peter’s or Thomas. Two members worked on Godinton filing down protruding screws. On Swaleford the final backboard which also will form a street scene was made. So it was an early night after Coffee.

Many thanks to Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

Tuesday 14th February '23.   Valentines night and love may have been in the air, but on the ground we saw work being undertaken on two layouts and one of the storage crates sorted.  On Swaleford scenic detailing work continued, while on OSP&WL water damage was corrected.  While this was going on, the former Bysing Wood layouts removed electrical wiring and connectors were sorted and old short lengths of wire discarded.

Tuesday 21st February '23. Shrove Tuesday and not a Pancake seen at club!  But there was work undertaken on scenic and buildings for Swaleford and Thomas layout had the underside protection sheeting cut to allow access holes to the multipin plugs stored under the layout. While on OSP & WL more street lights were connected to the power source.  No work on Godinton was undertaken. Terminal block connectors removed from the former Bysing Wood layout were de wired by havening all the wire ends under their grub screws removed.

Wednesday 22nd February ‘23.  Club Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer attended the funeral of Barry Smith at Charing Crematorium, near Ashford. Barrys passing is a very sad loss to all who knew him. He will be missed.  Our thoughts and condolences are with his family.

Tuesday 28th February '23.  It was a very well attended meeting tonight and being the last Tuesday (and day!) of the month, it was a running evening.  Three layouts were used - Ospringe St Peter (N), Thomas (OO) and Swaleford (OO) they all saw a variety of club members stock being run.   Godinton layout had the successful testing of rear control panel to the rear storage yard boards while more track was laid on the front boards.  Work continued on fitting the new roller door to the store room.

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Tuesday 7th March '23.  A well attended meeting saw Godinton have the three rear storage yard boards crated and more track laid across baseboard joints on the front boards plus Servos assembled into their mounts ready for fixing under points.  Swaleford scenic work continued apace with an overbridge constructed and kit buildings being assembled.  Thomas was checked and tested in readiness for its outing to a one day event near Tenterden at the beginning of April.

Tuesday 14th March '23.  It was the club Annual General Meeting (AGM) evening and it was well attended. Club Secretary Colin Hudson opened the meeting by welcoming all present and took note of the apologies of absence. Chairman Bob Bushell presented his report on the past years activities.  Club Treasurer Kelvin Inge gave two reports to the assembled membership, one showing the 2022 Exhibition costs and income and then a general club financial report for the 2022 year. After a coffee/tea break the meeting then moved on to elect the new 2023/24 officers and committee members. Chairman Bob thanked retiring committee member Nick Hall for all his work put in during the year.  There were no new offers for any committee positions from the assembled group and one previously submitted offer from Derek Waldron to replace Nick.  It was agreed by the proposers and seconder that all existing committee should be re-elected and Derek replace Nicks position.   These are:  Chairman: Bob Bushell.  Vice Chairman: Brian Lambert. Secretary: Colin Hudson. Treasurer: Kelvin Inge. Committee members are Peter Newman. Graham Church and Derek Waldron.   The meeting went onto to debate the proposed introduction of the 'Young Persons Policy'. The details of which were circulated to all club member's previously.  The policy was accepted by those present and will become a part of the clubs constitution. A vote on the changes to the constitution was taken as the committee had recommended that the minimum age of Youth membership be changed from 11 years of age to 15 years, then after reaching 18 becoming a Senior club member.  A vote was taken and agreed that the age of becoming a Junior member be left at 11 years to 15 years.  Those who are 15 to 18 become Youth Members.  For Junior members it was proposed to remain as previously, needing to be accompanied by a Adult - Parent, Grand Parent or legal Guardian at every meeting they attend. Upon reaching 15 years of age or joining the club between 15 and 18 years of age, they could if their parent or legal Guardian consented, be left unaccompanied at club under the previously agreed 'Young Persons Policy', or they could if wished still have a Parent/Guardian accompany them.  The role of Exhibition Manager will need filling for the 2023/24 year after our 2023 exhibition, as Roland is standing down. It was requested that layout captains (those overseeing the work on a particular layouts construction or alteration) have a deputy who can take over the works should the Captain not be at a club meeting.

Saturday 18th March '23. A group of club members, some with their partners, assembled in the WFCC car park waiting to join a pre paid coach heading for Alexandra Palace and the Festival of Railway Modelling. As the clock reached 07:35 the coach pulled out of the car park and headed towards Sittingbourne to pick up more members and then onto the M2 and London. The our club members were joined by members from Ashford, Canterbury and Whitstable clubs.  A great day out was had by all and some wallets emptied buying those "Special" items from the traders present.

Tuesday 21st March '23.  A reasonably well attended meeting saw more card buildings constructed for Swaleford.  The track on Godinton rear boards realigned, more track laid on the front baseboards across board joints and another six Servos assembled for later fixing to the front boards points.

Tuesday 28th March '23.  A very well attended meeting with plenty happening. We welcomed two prospective members to the meeting. As it was the last Tuesday of the month, so OSP&WL "N" gauge and Swaleford "OO" gauge layouts were in operation for members to run their stock on and a variety of items was seen running on both layouts.  Work on Godinton "OO" layouts front across baseboard joins track installation continued while the rear storage yard boards had track alignment problems worked upon.

Tuesday 4th April '22.   A very well attended meeting with several new faces attending.  Swaleford saw more scenic work and tracing of a faulty multipin connector. Oare & Uplees dead section was rectified and a servo mount checked. Godinton had more copper clad sleepers fitted to baseboard joints, more Servos fitted to their mounting frames and one set of cross board connections terminated.

Tuesday 11th April '23.  Another well attended meeting and we made use of some additional open space in the room next door. Work on wiring of the across baseboard plugs and sockets on Godinton continued. Platform size and position planning was carried out and cutting away of some cork to form a ballast shoulder in part of the main line area.  On Swaleford more construction work on buildings and structurers was undertaken.  Thomas saw a point motor electrical problem resolved. 

Tuesday 18th April '23.  A very well attended meeting with lots of work undertaken on Swaleford, Thomas, Oare and Godinton layouts.  Swaleford continued to have scenic work undertaken while Thomas had a electrical fault investigated. Oare was worked on to rectify a small problem and Godinton had more cross baseboard connections installed and track laid on the cross board joints.

Tuesday 25th April '23. A good attendance tonight and it should have been a running evening for club members, but due to various defects on layouts no official running evening took place. OSP&WL had a short occurring between the front controller panel and board 3 which was found and corrected. Godinton layouts work continued with finalising front boards track laying and work on wiring connectors between boards. Fault finding on Oare and Uplees continued with two point motors replaced and one needs to be soldered, it is hoped to be able to test next week.    Fault finding on Thomas was undertaken, checking wiring, testing and all now working, but the two hand held controllers were not available. Swaleford saw further work on the over bridge construction and the running of some rolling stock.  Plus the placing of shops etc onto the back boards.

Tuesday 2nd May '23.  An extreamly well attended meeting with a great amount of work undertaken.  On OSP&WL scenic detail works was carried out on one board.  Thomas had the failed front controller problem resolved and a broken wire was reterminated. Oare & Uplees had a point servo mount fitted and servo adjusted.  Swaleford had continuing scenic work carried out, while Godinton's track had copper clad sleepers fitted across a baseboard joint and six Servos installed to the front board points.

Tuesday 9th May '23.  A good evening at the club meeting tonight with plenty of work undertaken.  Further scenic works was undertaken on both OO Swaleford and N gauge Ospringe St Peter. The short circuit problem on OO/OO9 Oare was found to be a micro switch while on OO Godinton the access flap was re configured to open in the opposite direction to that originally built. The track on the flap was then relayed.

Tuesday 16th May '23. A few less members present, but lots of progress made on the layouts.  Godinton saw the hinged section access flap finalised with just the two "Locking down" sliding bolts to fit next week. The fault on Oare was traced and rectified, while scenic work on Swaleford continued.

Over the weekend of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May 2023 Faversham Model Railway Club exhibited four of the club’s layouts in the Guildhall Faversham at the Faversham Festival of Transport Weekend.

They were Ospringe St Peters, Oare and Uplees, Swaleford and our Thomas Themed Layouts. Team Captains of all 4 layouts were well supported by club members helping to operate them to the delight of members of the public.

Two members on Saturday and one on Sunday gave a demonstration on scenery building both from scratch or kit building. A working demonstration of how a point motor operates a pair of points was on display and explained to people who showed an interest.

On Saturday a people count showed we had 629 men, women, and children through the door, and Sunday the number increased to 1032 men, women and Children looking at our layouts, making a total of 1661 over the two days..

Several members of the public showed an interest in joining the club and asked for details

On Sunday afternoon we had a visit from the Mayor of Faversham who spent nearly an hour talking to members, showing knowledge and interest of railways, and talking to many of our members, He also asked us to invite him to our Exhibition in September, which the Chairman agreed to do.

Overall, a very successful weekend and a very positive vibe from the many people who passed by our exhibition layouts.

Our thanks to the Town Council of Faversham and especially to Louise Bareham in liaising with our Treasurer in making it such a success.

Bob Bushell


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Tuesday 23rd May '23.  A well attended meeting. Opening up of the meeting room into the adjacent Youth Room helped ease space restrictions and allowed Godinton to be erected in full after a few months of track laying with approx. 90% of the track now laid. Work will commence wiring up boards 1 to 7, the building of scenery can commence once the areas are confirmed. A programme of work will be produced following the layout captain typing up his notes taken with the layout erected. Two lights replaced on Ospringe St Peter’s.

Damage to Thomas sustained over the weekend is being repaired, on Swaleford damage to 2 items of scenery repaired and lessons learnt over the weekend noted and will action during the next few weeks.

Many thanks to Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

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Tuesday 30th May '23.   Running night, N gauge, Thomas and Swaleford all up and running.

On Godinton, cork was removed on board 2 to allow for scenery. Next week it is planned to finish track laying on boards 7a and 7b.

On Oare and Uplees, some point motors have been removed for upgrade and the control panel is also being upgraded to move cables from side to underneath. Plus remote control fitted. Two station lights not working and point indication light not working these will be repaired in due course

Many thanks to Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

Tuesday 6th June '23.  A reasonably well attended meeting with the Youth Room opened up for us to use allowing a good working space. OSP N gauge layout had two street lamps fitted, wired and tested. Oare and Uplees had the last of the servo mounts replaced. While on Godinton servos and their control module was installed to the underside of one board, along with several relay switching print circuit boards for isolating section control.  A storage/transportation crate for Godinton had hand hold slots cut in the end plates to make lifting the crated boards easier.  Thomas Themed layout had a damaged hand held controller repaired.

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Images curtesy of Anthony T.

Tuesday 13th June '23.  A warm summers evening saw plenty of work carried out at the club meeting. OSP&WL had wiring looms tidied while Thomas layouts engine shed sidings were investigated for new rail feeds. Swaleford also had wiring installed for additional isolating sections and further scenery building work was undertaken. Godinton had more track laid on the end of the front boards and isolating track feeds connected to isolating relays plus two modules were fitted to operate these relays.

Tuesday 20th June '23.   A well attended meeting where plenty of work was undertaken.  On OSP the under baseboard wiring tidying exercise continued. While on Swaleford the newly installed isolating sections were tested and scenic work on a bridge and lineside buildings continued. Thomas layout saw wiring of cross baseboard track feeds installed while on Godinton the lifting section was fitted with two shoot bolts to retain the flap in place when lowered. Wiring of the 12 volt power and CANBUS data was completed on board 3 along with power and data feeds to that boards control modules. Oare & Uplees had control panel to layout cable connections altered.

Tuesday 27th June '23.  It was a running night and stock was brought for Thomas themed layout and for Swaleford, at the start of the meeting no one brought anything for the N Guage, so it was not put up. However later in the evening members arrived with stock, but it was to later to erect. It has been suggested that the previous week if members wish to run N Gauge on running night, they indicate this to the layout captain and turn up on time. Recovery of electrical parts taking off old wire etc for further use or sell on. Further work on Godinton could not take place due to awaiting a bracket to be fitted to the flap section.

Blog text by Chairman Bob.

Tuesday 4th July '23 Ospringe St Peter was set up to do a photo shoot in readiness for a picture on the front of this years guide, members had stock with them so it ran trains for the rest of evening. Godinton work on 6 board inserting sleepers where they had been removed for wiring, points or end joints. Thomas themed work was undertaken to find faults when trains entered the sidings, a short was found on one set the other left until next week. Scenery continues to be made for Swaleford.

Blog text by Chairman Bob.

Tuesday 11th July '23. On Godinton, work continued on installing sleepers, board 6 was completed, and boards 2 & 4 was also completed.  Oare and Uplees testing continued between the layout and panel to ensure all faults had been removed. Thomas Themed work continued to find the fault on the second set of sidings this was found with a broken wire under a insulated frog point. All track now working correctly. On Ospringe St Peter work to find a short on the points leading into the private sidings was carried out but  as the fault is intermittent it will need all the boards erected to test.

Blog text by Chairman Bob.

Tuesday 18th July '23.  A well attended meeting and a lot of work was undertaken on various layouts.  Swaleford had its sidings feeding arrangements discussed and a decision made to add an isolating section plus further scenic buildings work was carried out.  Thomas had a new point installed following damage to an existing point. Godinton had the lifting flap alinement and a down position retaining means installed and wiring of power to three modules and nine relays was completed.

Tuesday 25th July '23.  A very well attended meeting which was also a running evening, with three layouts in operation - Swaleford Thomas and Ospringe St Peter.  All layouts saw a selection of club members locos and trains running. The use of three linked rooms made the evening operation much easier and less crowded. In addition to the running evening, wiring of track power supplies on Godinton was also undertaken.

Tuesday 1st August '23. The final section of Godinton track laying was completed tonight.  Once the wiring is finished the tracks can be tested for running quality and then ballasted.  More wiring of Godinton's track feeds and points was undertaken tonight too.  On Swaleford, scenic works continued apace.  Thomas saw the checking of a cross baseboard multipin plug and socket for spare pins, but it seems that a larger pin connector is needed. A large number of Peco PL-10 solenoid motors were de-wired.

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August '23.  FMRC took Ospringe St Peter to the exhibition weekend at the Bredgar and Wormshill Railway.

Despite the poor weather, a good crowd saw many layouts including Somewhere in France, Arundale and Lemanis Light Railway with many people commenting on the detail of our OSP&WL layout and asking questions.

On Sunday a better day weather wise and a large crowd arrived through the gates and visited our layout, with us giving a hard sell backed up with flyers and pushing our Thomas Themed layout, many of the visitors saying they were local, so we are hoping we will get a good response at our exhibition. Overall, a good a good weekend. 

Blog text by club Chairman Bob

Tuesday 8th August '23.  A well attended meeting saw Thomas layout underboard sheeting prepared for an additional multipin socket.  Godinton had tracks pinned and in places soldered to PCB strips and modules on board 3 wired along with frog polarity switching wiring. While on OSP the dual change-over track sections power selection was investigated due to a suspected intermittent fault, but this needs further work.

Tuesday 15th August '23.   A busy evening with work on Swaleford layouts scenic detailing undertaken.  The suspected relay fault on OSP layouts change-over track selection was tested and it is now considered to be possibly a push button defect, which will be tested next week. On Godinton, missing sleepers were replaced on most baseboards, while the adjustable feet on the layouts legs were refitted with just one board left to complete.  Wiring of the track return feeds was also undertaken.  PAT testing of the clubs mains extension leads was carried out in readiness for our forthcoming exhibition.

Tuesday 22nd August '23.  A good amount of work was undertaken this evening. On Swaleford electrical connections to the sidings were checked while more scenic items were constructed.  Godinton had tack on baseboard 5 pinned down tighter and sleeper spacing adjusted. On board 3, four servos were fitted and all six point frogs were wired to their servo operated micro switches. Thomas continued to have the cross baseboard siding track connection work.

Tuesday 29th August '23.  A Running evening and we saw Thomas OO and OSP N gauge layouts in operation with various members rolling stock being run.  Swaleford was also set up for use and had scenic work undertaken.  Work on our OO Godinton layout this week comprised of replacing a crated castor wheel that had become flattened, with a good castor and wiring continued on two of the baseboards.

Tuesday 5th September '23.  Work on wiring Godinton baseboard number 5 continued with all the isolating relays wired to their track feeds.  A new accept push button was fitted to OSP control panel. But on Thomas layout it was found that to front handheld controller for the outer loops track was not operating. Investigation continued to locate the defect.  Scenic building work on Swaleford was undertaken.  Thomas layout and items needed for our weekend exhibition were taken from the club storage cupboard.

Saturday & Sunday 9th & 10th September '23.  Our annual two day exhibition was held at The Abbey School Faversham.  A busy weekend for all those who came along to help and not forgetting friends and family members who offered their free time to help out. We saw a really good attendance, even though its was reported to have been the hottest days of the year, with Saturday reaching 32C and Sunday just a little lower. The show was officially opened by the Mayor of Faversham Cllr Trevor Martin accompanied by the Mayoress, his wife Brenda.  All our layout owners and traders reported that they had a great weekend.  Many of the attending public said as they left that the show was really good.   The "Best in Show" was won by Peter Capon's 'Somewhere in France' layout, obtaining 30% of all the votes cast by the attending public.

Below Chairman Bob Bushell presents Peter Capon with the Best in Show badge for displaying on his layout.

Tuesday 12th September '23.  A well attended meeting and some of the items taken to The Abbey School were returned to the store cupboard.  Work on scenery and buildings on Swaleford continued apace.  While on Godinton more rail feeds were connected to their appropriate main feeds and three servo motors were fitted then the points frog wires were soldered to the servos micro switches.

Tuesday 19th September '23.  A few less members present tonight but work on layouts continued. On Godinton wiring was completed that was started last week a repair to a pair of points on Board 5 was undertaken . On OSP&WL  N gauge the water tower was repaired and work started on install new streetlights. Over on Swaleford club members started putting lights in the scenery and surveying track to fit a turntable

Tuesday 26th September '23.  A well attended meeting which was a running evening using N and OO layouts.  Members were able to run their items on two of the club layouts and many varieties of rolling stock was seen running. Also scenic work on Swaleford and electrical work on Godinton continued.

Tuesday 3rd October '23.  A busy evening with a good attendance saw plenty going on. OSP N gauge had new road side lampposts painted in readiness for installing on the layout. While on Swaleford more scenic work was undertaken. Thomas had contact cleaned for its plug in building lighting power. Over on Godinton point frog polarity wiring was started on one baseboard while two servos along with their control circuit board plus an isolating section relay were fitted onto another board.

Tuesday 10th October '23.  A very well attended meeting and the use of the extra space of the Youth Room really helped.  On Thomas wiring fault finding was undertaken but so far the problem has yet to be discovered.  Godinton saw a servo fitted after the points baseboard drive pin hole was enlarged and two isolating section relays installed. Plus alignment dowels were fitted to several board edges.  Swaleford continued to have scenic work undertaken. While over on OSP layout, six electrically lit lamps were installed, three street lamps and three wall mounted side of building lamps. These will be wired in the coming weeks.

Tuesday 17th October '23.  Another well attended meeting with much work undertaken. On OSP N gauge layout the first of the newly installed street lights was wired and lit, plus others lamps recently installed had their wiring commenced.  Godinton had Track feeds soldered to the rails on Board 1 plus two modules fixed to the baseboards underside along with a timer and infrared detector board. On O&ULR wiring was corrected. While on Thomas testing continued to trace the front of layout hand held controller rail feed problem.  Swalefords scenic work continues apace.

Mid evening tea/coffee break saw Kelvin supply us with a selection of cakes to celebrate his 'special' birthday, which was the following day.

Tuesday 24th October '23.  A good meeting with plenty of space available for us to work on all our layouts.  Fault finding on Thomas layout continued but the defect remain elusive!  OSP had wiring installed for street lighting.  Swaleford continued to make up scenic items and preparation for installing a hand held controller.  O&ULR had some of its wiring re configured while on Godinton further wiring was installed on board 1.

Saturday 28th October '23. Saw a small group of club members descend on the WFCC from 10:00 with the aim of undertaking two things. 1) To allow all our stored items to be sorted and re arranged into suitable plastic crates, which was successfully completed. 2) We took the opportunity to work on Godinton layouts wiring. Board 1 was completed and Board 2 was around 80% completed.  Swaleford had building internal lighting connections installed into the baseboard and the turntable was configured. A good working day was had.

Tuesday 31st October '23.  It was once again a club running evening where both OO and N gauge layouts were in use for members to run their own stock on the club layouts.  The meeting was well attended and various items of stock was seen running. Along with the running night, other members undertook activities on O&ULR finalising the wiring alterations and on Swaleford where scenic work was carried out, plus Godinton had virtually all of board 2 wiring completed.

Tuesday 7th November '23. Another good attendance with work was carried out on the Thomas themed removal of redundant wiring following an upgrade between front and rear controllers. Godinton measuring and drilling holes in back boards in preparation for fitting to layout boards. Ospringe St Peters continuing installation of new street lighting. Swaleford saw the continuation of backboard scenery upgrades.

The Club's Christmas meal will be on FRIDAY 15th December at the Red Lion in Hernhill Village and forms were distributed with the Menu Payment is due by end of November.

Tuesday 14th November '23. A well attended meeting and we welcomed two prospective new members. On Thomas Themed layout, testing of the newly installed wiring was undertaken and although all is working there is still a problem with the front controller when rear controller is operating forward. Godinton layout wiring continued and was completed by the end of evening, although some testing is required. Back Boards were measured for areas needing removal to suit electrics. Swaleford had upgrading of the Back boards and this has now been completed, building chimney pots are not yet fitted due to storage. Ospringe St Peter, wiring installation of new street lamps continued. The layout will be exhibiting at Broadstairs this coming weekend 18/19 November.

Saturday & Sunday 18/19 November '23. Ospringe St Peter's and Water Lane was exhibited at the Broadstairs Model Railway Exhibition held at the Crampton Tower complex. Five members were present both days running a selection of rolling stock and answering questions from members of the public. There was also great interest in the amount of detail of the scenery. A couple of faults occurred (to be investigated on Club nights) but they did not affect the running of trains

Tuesday 21st November '23. Godinton layout had members continuing to work on the layout, wiring up board 6 whilst others removed the wooden dowels and refitted metal dowels for joining boards together.  Ospringe St Peter the turntable was adjusted as it was slightly raised above track level and also work on the wiring faults, the problem was found with broken wire in a loom. Work on this started and will be completed next week. Therefore, the N Guage layout will not be available for running night next week.Swaleford had the bright green painted out on the baseboard and was replaced with a earth based paint.  No work was undertaken on Thomas this week.

Tuesday 28th November '23.  A very well attended meeting saw two OO layouts used for our running evening - Thomas and Swaleford had various items of stock run on them.  While OSP had the defects investigated and O&ULR had wiring checked.  Godinton had virtually all of Board 6 wired and a scenic sections base was assembled. 

Tuesday 5th December '23.   A reasonably well attended meeting and work continued on OSP N gauge layout replacing a damaged D connector plug. Our OO/OO9 layout O&ULR had wiring checked, while Godinton had Board 6 wiring and modules completed.

Tuesday 12th December '23. Godinton saw work continue on board 2 to line up and fit the boards that will hold the scenery plus electrical work on board 5, with work progressing faster than first thought we hope to test the layout at the end of January or early February. On Swaleford, a discussion took place re the design of the back boards that will be hinged to facilitate storage. The re wiring of a 25-way connection was completed on Ospringe St Peter’s and will be tested to ensure all the faults have sorted. No work carried out on Thomas or Oare layouts. 

Arrangements for the Clubs Christmas dinner was given out to members and next week our last of 2023 a buffet will be provided. 

Blog text thanks to club Chairman Bob.

Friday 15th December '23. Club members accompanied by their plus one sat down to a Christmas meal at The Red Lion pub in Hernhill near Faversham. A good evening was had by all who attended.

Tuesday 19th December '23.  Our last meeting of the year and it saw wiring continued on Godinton board 3 and tidying up the rewire of a 25 wiring fault on our N gauge layout. Many thanks to Carole for providing a nice buffet which was enjoyed by members and who left wishing all a merry Xmas and returning on 9thJanuary 2024.

Many thanks to Chairman Bob for the blog text.

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