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Tuesday 11th January '22.  Our first meeting of the year and it was well attended.  On the Thomas layout a defect was noted in one siding and this was resolved by locating a wiring problem and it being corrected.  On the rear storage boards for the Godinton layout, former point and track wiring was removed pending a complete rewire.  Mid evening tea and coffee was supported by a variety of cup cakes and Muffins supplied by Derek whose birthday had just passed by.

Tuesday 18th January '22. The Thomas OO layout was erected and it was discovered that the No 5 point motor had become detached, this was reglued and tested ok. Several members had rolling stock and ran it in various formations.   On the Godinton layout, one storage end board still had points laid from its former life on BWJ layout, these boards were was laid out and checked for continuity from the other end board, three pairs of point were identified as ok and a club member has one other pair we can use.  The sheet plywood for making of crates was brought in packed along with the bolts holds for drilling and assembly.

No work was carried out on then Junior layout this week.   

Many thanks to Bob for providing the text for the Blog.

Tuesday 25th January '22. A very well attended meeting.  As it was the last Tuesday of the month it was a running evening using both the OSP&WL N gauge and the OO Thomas layouts.  Various members stock was run on both layouts. In addition once the second room became available a Kato N gauge set was tested.  Work on the Godinton layouts storage yard baseboards began, with the left hand ends points being set out in readiness for their final fixing in place. As the store cupboard was depleted of layouts the opertunity was taken to check the contents of the large number of plastic crates and sort their contents.

Tuesday 1st February '22.  A well attended meeting with much going on!  On the Godinton layout the first stages of constructing the storage and transportation crating for the baseboards began, while track and point laying was undertaken on one ends rear storage yard board.  The Junior layout had more track and point work laid and discussion around how these points are to be operated from either a central control panel or smaller individual board control panels.  Some loco servicing was undertaken and on the Thomas layout scenic material was carefully removed from the base board to allow new items to be added.  Mains power equipment was PAT checked with more items to be tested.

Tuesday 8th February '22  A good attendance saw lots of work being undertaken.  On the Godinton layout the construction of crating for the scenic baseboards continued and the end plates etc should be completed by the end of next weeks meeting. Track and point laying was also continued on the rear storage boards of this layout.  Thomas saw scenic work carried out. While PAT inspections of the clubs mains powered items and extension leads was all but completed.

Tuesday 15th February '22. We had a good number of members present tonight and a lot of work was undertaken.  On the Godinton layout the assembly of the storage crates continued along with further point laying on the rear baseboards.  The Junior layout saw more track laid and the Thomas layout had on going scenic work carried out.

Tuesday 22 February '22. It may well have been a 'Palindrome day', but there was nothing backwards about tonight's meeting!  It was a very well attended meeting hosting an illustrated talk presented by Club Vice Chairman Bob Bushell on UK railway signalling from its earliest days to the latest all electronic state of art signalling controls and most things in between. 

AGM 2022 notification letter plus AGM meeting minutes from 2021 and the 2022 AGM Agenda and nomination forms were handed out to all present. Those not present will receive their information by post.

Tuesday 1st March '22.  Shrove Tuesday and Football on both main TV channels too, but attendance was good at club. Work was carried out on the continued crating of the Godinton layout, with another crate finished we now have one more to complete.  On the Thomas layout a repair to the track was undertaken and then re ballasted. Some members brought loco’s along to test, which was carried out successfully and this proved the repair was sound and electrically good.  The junior layout was set up and members installed two point machines, however a problem was discovered that the boards are thicker than the board they were removed from leaving the drive pins short, a search will be made on the internet for extension pins.

Blog details supplied with thanks to Vice Chairman Bob Bushell.

Tuesday 8th March '22.  A reasonably well attended meeting.  First agenda item was to transfer everything we own from the Youth Rooms store cupboard to the Community rooms cupboard to ensure it all fitted! We squeezed all but one baseboard in and that was the test track board which will for the time being be 'out stored' by one of the committee plus the Thomas layouts legs and two crates holding some of its scenic items, these were taken home by one of the clubs members.  Within a short while we had ensured everything we owned fitted into the slightly smaller store rooms space and we knew nothing would be left out come going home time!    Several Peco PL10 point motors had their operating pins extended by soldering brass tube and piano wire extensions to the exiting shorter pins, these will be used on the Junior layout.

Tuesday 15th March '22. A hive of activity tonight, the last large crate of the Godinton layout has been completed, also trackwork and droppers were installed on the fiddle yard boards all rear boards are now ready for wiring.  On the Junior layout work was starting on installing the point motors, following new point operating extensions being fitted. On Ospringe St Peter's work has been started to reline the point wiring so in the case of a point motor failing the fault can be traced more easily. 

Much thanks goes to Vice Chair Bob for the blog text.

Tuesday 22nd March '22.  A very well attended meeting with much work carried out.  On the new Junior layout more solenoid point motors were added and a new points position marked and drilled.  The rewiring of the Cobalt point motors on the N gauge OSP&WL layout continued while testing of the layouts operation on O&ULR proved all was ok and working well.  Positioning of Insulated Rail Joiners was marked on the master plan for the Godinton layout.

Tuesday 29th March '22.  It was the clubs AGM evening and members elected the new committee for the next twelve months and gave suggestions and opinions on how the club should move forward.  Chairman Brian gave his speech on how the club had evolved and where it was currently, while the Club Treasurer Kelvin summarised the clubs expenditure and income over the last twelve months.

Brian stated he wished that after ten years of being Chairman to stand down and he agreed to swapped roles with Bob as Chair and Vice Chair.  All the other committee were re-elected to their former posts:- Colin to Secretary, Kelvin to Treasurer and the three committee members of Graham: Exhibition floor planner, Peter: Events organiser and Nick who as yet has not been assigned a specific roll.  Brian was presented with a bottle of 12 year Malt Whisky as a club 'Thank You' for his work. While Carole was give a bouquet of flowers for her dedication to the club for her catering week on week.   A name was chosen and agreed by all those present for the Godinton layout of "Faversham West". It was suggest that we announce proposed work for the following week/s, a notice board is to be procured and placed near the entrance area and will contain all future club activities, general information and the weekly Blog will also show what is proposed for the following week.

Tuesday 5th April '22.  Well attended meeting and a lot of work undertaken. On the N gauge layout rewiring of the Cobalt point motors continued.  Thomas Themed saw a defective point lifted and a new left hand point installed.  The Junior layout had solenoid point motors pre wired and the new Faversham West layout had numbered labels fixed to both the baseboards and end plates so as correct assembly can be undertaken and then point templates were positioned.  A box of donated track in OO and N gauges plus buildings was welcomed.

Tuesday 12th April '22.   A well attended meeting, work continued rewiring the Cobalt point motors on the N Gauge layout. Scenery work was undertaken on the Thomas themed, improving the grass area, in readiness for Ramsgate in June. Work on the junior layout to improve the sharpness of some of the curves was undertaken, it was also tested electrically to run digitally. No work was undertaken on the Faversham West layout as key members were not present. The new notice board was displayed with more names for the Bluebell trip.

Many thanks to Club Chairman Bob for this weeks Blog text.

Tuesday 19th April '22. Members worked on the N gauge layout tidying up the wiring to the point motors. On Faversham West members laid paper pattens where the point-work will be laid and holes were drilled to accommodate the point rodding from the motors through the baseboard and through the hole in the points tie bar. On the junior layout a decision was made to reposition the station so they can create a head shunt and yard and loco depot. The station will be an island platform with a track either side.

Many thanks to Club Chairman Bob for this weeks Blog text.

Tuesday 26th April '22.  A very good and productive evening. Both the N gauge Ospringe St Peter, and the Thomas themed layouts, complete with were set up, and members were able to run or test a variety of their rolling stock. Work continued on the Godinton layout marking out where points were to be laid and drilling slots for the point motor control mechanism will sit, The last 2 baseboards No 1 & 7 were crated together, however there are two small boards that will also need to be crated. Work also continued on the junior layout, which it was decided will be named Swaleford, further discussions on how the layout will sit to ensure maximum usage of the island platforms and the shunt neck. It was agreed to protect the wiring the bottom will be cased, and an Independent control panel constructed. Once the track is completed trestles will be made to support the boards.

Many thanks to Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

Tuesday 3rd May '22.   A good meeting with plenty going on.  On the Godinton layout new track templates were positioned and holes drilled and slots cut in the baseboards for the point operating drive rods. Swaleford saw more track laid and the control panel basic layout drafted. Thomas had more scenic work completed. No work was undertaken with the re wiring of the Cobalt point motors on the N gauge layout.

Tuesday 10th May '22. On the Godinton layout work continued positioning point templates and drilling baseboard holes for point motor drive pins to pass through. Point motor rewiring continued on the N Gauge layout with 6 more motors still require modernising. On Swaleford work continues on laying track on the Station area and refitting of sleepers at the board joins. No work on Thomas themed as all work completed.  A new lockable cupboard has been made in the kitchen by members to hold four really useful crate boxes.

Many thanks to Club Chairman Bob for this weeks Blog text.

Tuesday 17th May '22   Rewiring work on the N Gauge continued and a further two motors were rewired. The Thomas Themed layout required repairs to a broken joint on the inner circuit and alterations to fencing to allow access to some scenery modules. While on Swaleford, work continued to finalise the trackwork, and install droppers.  A training session with Graham Church instructing members how to wire up electro frog points, which will be used on the Godinton layout. Our thanks to Graham for his time preparing this subject. New storage boxes arrived to assist with storage.

Many thanks to Club Chairman Bob for this weeks Blog text.

Tuesday 24th May '22.  A well attended meeting allowed much work to be undertaken.  On the Godinton layout several Electrofrog points were converted to the 'full modification' of removing the two closure rail links bridging the two gaps and soldering bonding wires between stock rail and closure rail on both sides, plus extending the frog wires length. On Swaleford further track feeds were fitted. Cobalt point motor rewiring continued on OSP&WL N gauge layout. 

Tuesday 31st May '22. Tonight was a running night, with the N Gauge Ospringe St Peter & Water Lane plus the Thomas layouts being set up. Members ran a variety of rolling stock on both layouts of which some members used the opportunity to test or run in new purchases. Several members controlled the N Gauge layout for the first time. A number of faults were found on the N Gauge, which will be put right over the coming weeks. The Swaleford layout was worked on, the track work having been completed, a test power supply was set up and test trains were run. No work was carried out on the Godinton layout. A new shelf has been constructed in the store cupboard for holding crates etc, this has allowed our layout crates to be removed without having to shifted first, a big thank you to members who built it last Saturday.

Many thanks to club Chairman Bob for the Blog text and photos.

Tuesday 7th June '22.  Work on 4 layouts continued, on the N Gauge layout members continued to work on the point rewiring and repaired a switch on the remote controller that failed during running night. On the Godinton layout work continued in attaching droppers to the points ready for installing. It is hoped that this will be completed next week, they can then be laid on the base boards. Swaleford continues at a pace, the 3 boards have been boxed in to protect the wiring, all the droppers have been attached, and are now being attached to the wiring loom, the control panel has been boxed.  Thomas Themed has been checked, lighting all works and new car park lines painted on car park ready for the new cricket pitch.

Many thanks to club Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

Tuesday 14th June '22. Another productive night, on our Godinton layout with the first sets of points were laid on Board No 4.  On Swaleford, work continues apace, with members starting to build trestles to support the boards. Also wiring on the track and points is progressing well. Thomas themed layout was loaded into cars ready for transporting to Ramsgate on Saturday for the Ramsgate Tunnel Model Railway Exhibition, Oare and Uplees is also attending.  No work was done on the N Gauge layout.

Tuesday 21st June '22.  A well attended meeting with a considerable amount of work undertaken. Swaleford had layout wiring installed and checked plus support legs were constructed. Thomas had a defective hand held controller examined but needs a new component fitted and a track section was realigned. The Godinton layout had several points laid into their final positions.

Tuesday 28th June '22. Tonight being the last Tuesday of the month, it was a running night. Members were able to run their rolling stock on a variety of gauges, OO, N, and OO9 on 3 layouts, Ospringe St Peter, Oare and Uplees, and our Thomas themed layout. On Faversham West, members secured 3 more sets of points to the baseboard while on Swaleford wiring continued, with control cables from the layout to the control unit put in place now that the Control Panel is finished.  Club members were thanked for bringing all the available layouts in tonight at short notice, as we had hoped a visitor from the Town Council might pay a visit, however a short video showing our club activities was made and will be sent to them. It was nice to see members either running trains or working on our latest constructions.

Many thanks to club Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

Saturday 2nd July '22.  A large number of club members and their guests travelled by coach from Faversham to the Bluebell Railway in West Sussex to visit the weekend model railway exhibitions at various stations along the line and of course to travel on the trains.

Tuesday 5th July '22.   A well attended meeting saw plenty of work undertaken on four layouts.  On the OSP&WL N gauge a point motors wiring was changed around to obtain correct panel indications. Swaleford baseboard wiring and its control panel were completed with just the inter baseboard connections to be made. Thomas Themed layout had some of its underboard connectors re fixed and a disconnected wire re terminated. On the Godinton layout more pointwork was laid onto to the new baseboards.

Tuesday 12th July '22.   Again a hive of activity on 4 layouts. On the Godinton layout a realignment was completed and 5 new sets of points were fixed to the baseboard. On Swaleford the middle board B has been completed, complete with connectors to board C but has yet to  be tested with the control panel. Our Thomas themed layout has had some of its wiring tidying up which will enable wiring faults to be traced easier. Ospringe St Peter continues to have its wiring realigned for easier fault finding.

Thanks to Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

Tuesday 19th July '22.   It was Hot, hot, hot! Possibly a little too hot for some club members as attendance was rather low this evening. Work continued on Swaleford so now board B is complete and we can power board B & C together. Strengthening of the baseboards on the Thomas themed layout was carried out. No work on the Godinton layout or Ospringe St Peters.

We still need a couple of Stewards especially on the Sunday. Plus more Tombola prizes.

Tuesday 26th July '22.  It was a Running evening with both N gauge and OO Thomas set up for members to run their own stock .Faversham West was worked on leaving only one set of points to lay next week and the track can start to be laid to join the gaps. Swaleford was set up and fully tested electrically and a few snags were found and will be rectified next week.

We need a final push for Tombola prizes with a closing date of the 23rd August.

Tuesday 2nd August '22.  It was a hive of activity at club tonight, further work on the N Gauge OSP&WL layout to rewire the points was carried out. On the Thomas themed layout some scenery had been damage when put into its crate, so running repairs was carried out on the footbridge. A method of holding the control cables firm when the layout is stored was also installed. On Swaleford snagging was completed and panel tested, all routes worked with a loco. Scenery can now be made and ballast laid.  The Godinton layout saw track laying continue, the last pair of points on board 4 were laid and 4 lengths of flexi track also laid.  

An announcement was made requesting further Tombola prizes.

Tuesday 9th August '22. A flurry of activities again last night, the N Gauge points rewiring is nearing completion, hopefully the work can be tested on next running night. On the Thomas layout work continued doing minor touch ups ready for showing at our Exhibition. Work on Swaleford continued with reducing a gap between the boards by replacing a piece of track. On the Godinton layout work to lay straight track between the points continued on Boards 4 and 5 all points are now ready fopr their motors and control circuit boards to be fitted.  Tombola prizes closing date is August 23rd.

Tuesday 16th August '22.  Another well attended meeting with work continuing on laying the plain line track on the Godinton layout front baseboards, while the rear fiddle yards first board was fitted with the electronic control circuit boards and the Seep point motors wired to terminal blocks.  Cobalt point motor rewiring on OSP&WL continued.

Tuesday 23rd August '22.  A well attended meeting with plenty of action.  The Godinton layout was worked on by two groups, one laying track on the front baseboards while the second was busy wiring the rear storage yards point motors.  Further rewiring of the Cobalt motors on our N gauge layout was undertaken and a small group tackled building a MERG electronic kit, with much success.  Club Chairman thanked all those who had donated Tombola prizes and that the prizes and tickets were to be sorted next week at a club members home.

Tuesday 30th August '22.  It was a running evening and both OSP&WL N gauge and the Thomas themed OO layouts were used to run a variety of club members stock. Minor defects were found on both layouts and these will be corrected over the coming weeks.  Work on the Godinton layout front board track laying continued, along with wiring of the control modules on the rear storage boards. The first multi pin sockets were fitted onto a rear board. 

Tuesday 6th September '22.  Pre exhibition meeting with Thomas OO layout checked and then loaded ready for the coming weekend.  Work on OSP&WL motor rewiring fault continued while further track laying on the Godinton layout was undertaken.

Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th September '22.  We opened our first exhibition since Covid struck and it was our fifth annual two-day event. We were pleasantly surprised at the large number of visitors who attended, especially on Saturday.  The visiting public, traders and layout owners were all very pleased with the shows return.   Best in Show layout, as voted for by the attending public, was Kingsnorth an N gauge layout based on BR to modern day stock running.  See our Exhibition page for pictures and a video etc. Link to 2022 exhibition page.

Our thanks must go to all those who so freely offered their help over the two days to allow the event to happen so seamlessly - Club members who stewarded, ladies who staffed the ticket sales desk and not forgetting the ladies who ran the exhibitors café area. Thank you everyone.

Tuesday 13th September '22. A well attended meeting with work on OSP&WL track feeding problem.  Track laying on the Godinton layout plus our Thomas layouts track section power loss investigated. Some members helped or watched as a MERG electronic kit was constructed onto stripboard.

Tuesday 20th September '22. Another well attended meeting. Due to the need to lay the curves at each end of the Godinton layout the whole layout was erected, this was the first time since the new boards were purchased it had been erected. This was done in 32 mins. Part of the inner and outer curves were laid at both ends, and others started to realign the fiddle yard boards. It is now necessary to finish the curves so measurements can be done for commencement of some scenery. Work can also be continued on realigning the track.  Therefore we plan to erect the whole layout again on Tuesday 11th October.

Work was also done on Swaleford to measure distances for the footbridge.

Thanks to Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

Tuesday 27th September '22.   It was  a running evening and our Thomas themed layout was used. There was a good assortment of club members locos and trains seen running.  In addition a "Thank You for your help with the 2022 exhibition" buffet was made available at mid evening coffee time.   Club members also worked on OSP&WL electrical fault. The Godinton layouts front boards had track soldering of dropper feed wires to the rails and the wiring the solenoid point motor electronic control boards on the rear storage yard boards was also undertaken. In addition scenery works on Swaleford began.

Tuesday 4th October '22. Another well attended meeting and much work carried out. On OSP&WL the electrical fault was corrected and the layout tested.  Thomas saw scenic work undertaken while on the Godinton layout two front boards were joined to form a corner L shape and track laid on them. The rear storage bards continued to have wiring carried out for points and track feeds.

Tuesday 11th October '22.  Work was carried out on the N Gauge layout this included installing a set of buffer stops which will show a red light when layout is powered. A second set will be installed next week. Still to be completed are a light on the footbridge plus two or three station lights installed.  On our Godinton layout, the whole layout was erected and all the end curves were plotted with some track installed. The track alinement on the fiddle yard track has been realigned following 2 boards being removed. Next week it is planned to start the copper cladding on the front boards.   It was also announced that the club subsidised Christmas meal will be on December 10th, details to follow.

Thanks to Chairman Bob for the Blog text.

Thursday 13th October '22. At a club committee meeting today, the issue of the name of the clubs new OO layout, formerly Faversham West, was discussed and a resolution agreed that the layout should be renamed to 'Godinton'. This was agreed following the name of 'Faversham West' being a real area at Faversham station and our club layout is a fictional location. The name chosen was then sent out to all club members by email from the Chairman, as originally the layouts name had been chosen at the last AGM and it was correct that the membership should be advised of the change.

Tuesday 18th October '22.  A well attended meeting with railway modelling work ongoing especially on the OO Godinton layout where more track was laid across the right hand 'L' corner section plus wiring of the 8 way relay modules that will control the isolating sections on the rear boards was started. Work on Swalford progressed.

Tuesday 25th October '22.  As it was the last meeting evening of the month and therefore it was a designated running evening. Three layouts were in use - N aguge OSP&WL. OO Thomas Themed and the OO Swaleford shunting layout.  A good mixture of members stock was seen running on all three layouts.  Also track laying continued on Godinton plus the first rear storage board was completed wiring wise. We also welcomed a visitor from Ashford MRC, who came over to see us and our layouts.

Tuesday 1st November '22.  Another well attended meeting with plenty of work undertaken on our layouts.  On Swaleford the baseboards were painted a bright green colour in readiness for further scenic treatment.  Godinton saw more track laying on the front right hand side baseboards, while the installation of electronic modules and connecting multi pin plugs and sockets was undertaken on the middle and right hand end boards of the storage yard. Thomas Themed layout had a cross baseboard track joint resoldered.

Tuesday 8th November '22.  Possibly the largest attendance seen at club tonight?  With so many members present there was plenty going on.  On Swaleford scenic work continued on all three baseboards. Thomas Themed layout had a section of track lifted across a board joint as it was causing derailments.  Godinton had further rear board module wiring undertaken plus more track was laid on the front right hand side boards.

Tuesday 15th November '22. On Thomas members continued to fit copper cladding to the board end to improve connections. On Swaleford, scenery has started both with the backboards, and bridge clearance, members have starting to build Metcalf Kits of a Loco shed Office plus a reduced row of Shops and a Pub with accommodation above.  Members working on Godinton continue to lay the track on the curves. This is causing problems at the board joints work continues on fitting the electrical connection to the boards.  The N gauge layout Ospringe St Peter was loaded into cars ready for the Ashford 180 Celebrations at the weekend.

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November '22. The clubs N gauge layout0 - Ospringe St Peters and Water Lane along with Layout Captain, Kelvin Inge and seven club members, attended the Swan Centre at Ashford as part of the Ashford 180 Celebrations over the weekend. Also present were other layouts including Kingsnorth, the Best in Show at our Exhibition this year, EKOGG, River MRC and Trader Dave Wills/  Over the two days we had many complements paid, especially of the minute details of the scenery and that there was always something moving on both upper and lower parts of the layout.Although there were only a few layouts there several contacts were made for the future.

Tuesday 22nd November '22. Following the weekend at Ashford 180 a problem with a crossover on Ospringe St Peters ,resulting in repairs being done. On Thomas, the copper cladding has been completed plus other minor work carried out.  Swaleford continues to grow with Metcalf Kits being completed, and work on backboards. On Godinton, the problem with the rail joints at the board ends has been rectified, and will be fitted with copper cladding next time

Having 20 members showing interest for Alexandra Palace in March a 31 seater Coach will be booked.

Tuesday 29th November '22.  While England battled with Wales on the football field, we saw a very large number of members appear at club to take part in running their stock, as it was a Running evening.  We also meet two Ashford MRC club members who came over to see us. Running was undertaken on three layouts - N gauge OSP&WL. OO Thomas Themed and OO Swaleford.    While members ran their stock others undertook wiring on the rear storage yard boards for Godinton and scenic work included building kits for Swaleford.

Saturday 10th December '22. Club members, many with their partners or plus one, attended our evening Christmas meal, held this year at Judd's Folly Hotel. Faversham.  After dinner, Chairman Bob said that it was good to have a special club meal after not being able to hold an event for the last two years.  Bob then spoke about how the club was progressing well with larger number of members attending club evenings and the club holding a very successfully two-day exhibition in September plus a good turn out to the clubs visit to the Bluebell Railway and their model exhibition.  Bob then thanked both Pat for the use of her home for our committee meetings and the refreshments provided at those meetings and he also thanked Carole for the many hundreds of cups of tea and coffee she produces at our Tuesday club evenings. Both ladies were given a bouquet of flowers from the club as a gesture of thanks.   The evening was finished with mince pies and tea or coffee before our journey home.

Tuesday 6th December '22.  Another well attended meeting and a lot of work was undertaken.  On Swaleford some of the scenic backscene supports were added. More work on making card buildings was another activity undertaken for this layout.  Godinton saw wiring on the rear storage yards progress and holes drilled in the front boards side members for the across board plugs and sockets

The images below were supplied by Anthony and show some of the activities.

Tuesday 13th December '22.  It was cold with a little dusting of snow on the ground, but many attended club and work on layouts progressed.  On Thomas copper clad sleepers are being fitted under the rails at baseboard joints.  Swaleford had more scenic work carried out and on Godinton track was laid on the curves leading to the rear storage yard boards and wiring on the rear boards continued.

Tuesday 20th December '22.   A good turnout of members for the last club meeting of 2022.  Work was carried out on Swaleford scenery and Thomas layout continued to have copper clad sleepers fitted under the tracks at baseboard joints. Over on Godinton further track laying on the front boards was undertaken while the rear storage yard boards had more track feed wiring installed.

With the meeting being the last of the year, the club committee wishes all our club members present and past a very Happy New Year.   We look forward to starting our meetings again on Tuesday 10th January 2023.

Tuesday 10th January will be our first 2023 meeting. Track laying and wiring on Godinton OO layout will continue. Further scenic work on Swaleford to be carried out plus Thomas sleeper installation.

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