Club Blog 2018
Tuesday 9th January ‘18.  Our first meeting of the year and a large amount of work was undertaken.  On the N gauge OSP&WL layout a barrow crossing was fitted to the end of the main line stations platform, kerb edges installed to the road behind the station and a tunnel portal glued in place to the right hand side boards where the main lines pass to and from the rear storage sidings.  On the Thomas themed layout investigation as to why a point motor is continually failing revealed a defective 25 way D connector socket in the main switch panel. This will need a complete replacement and fitting of a new 25 way connector.  On BWJ layout the rear storage yards were erected and a wiring problem around the train arrived indicator was investigated, the problem being traced to double use of a pair of terminals for two circuits. This should be resolved during next weeks meeting.
Tuesday 16th January ‘18.  A well attended meeting with lots going on!  On the Thomas themed layout the new rewired control box was installed and tested but the problem with No4 point failing still remained! This was eventually traced to a wire that was not correctly fitted into a terminal block connector. On the N gauge OSP&WL layout further scenic detailing work was carried out. While on BWJ the rear storage boards Train Arrived indicators circuit was partly rewired, but when tested it still failed to illuminate on the panel. Due to lack of time the faulting will have to be undertaken next week.
Tuesday 23rd January ‘18.  The indication fault on the rear storage yards of BWJ layout was resolved and the circuit function tested end to end. More conductor rail was laid on a section of the scenic front boards.  On Thomas Themed layout the newly sewn green valance curtain was secured to the baseboards by fixing Velco tape to the boards sides. The FMRC logo position was marked and the valance will now be sent to a specialist company for a logo to be bonded to the material.  On the N gauge OSP&WL lane layout advances have been made in detailed scenic work. TV aerials added to a couple of chimney stacks, ground covering applied around the houses rear garden walls and some track ballast added to the stations track.
Tuesday 30th January ‘18.  A well attended meeting which was also a club running night. Both OO Thomas and N gauge OSP&WL layouts were used to run a variety of stock belonging to club members.  Some defects were found on the Thomas layout which will involve future work.
The ‘accept’ selection relays at one end on the rear boards of BWJ was replaced with two single relay units allowing returns from both front and rear control panels to be kept totally separate. The newly installed conductor rails on the country end of BWJ layout were painted.
Tuesday 6th February ‘18. A lot of work was undertaken at club this evening. On Thomas the defective feeds to the front hand held controllers investigation begun. Track joints were sorted by soldering an infill in the gap. On OSP&WL N gauge layout the towns memorial was installed and the posts for some anti climb fencing planted in holes drilled in the baseboard. The engine shed was fitted permanently to the layout. On BWJ the last two lengths of conductor rail were fitted that lead for the tunnel to the scenic section. A rear lifting flap to front board multi pin plug was wired to the main board ready for circuits to/from the rear to front control panels.
Tuesday 13th February ‘18. Another well attended meeting with even our Welsh member arranging a surprise visit!  The problem with the two front hand held controllers on the Thomas layout was investigated and one of the controllers was found to be defective, this will be repaired ready for next weeks meeting, but further track feed wiring examinations still need to be carried out.  On the N gauge OSP&WL layout more scenic detailing work was carried out with the war memorial being partly fenced off and the anti climb security fencing by the main line station erected. On BWJ OO layout the last section of conductor rail was hand painted and scenic updating/detailing work on the country end undertaken plus wiring installed that links the front to rear storage yard boards at the lifting section was carried out.
Tuesday 20th  February ‘18.  On the OO Bysing Wood Jnc. further work was carried out on scenery for the yard area, repairing areas that had suffered minor damage.   On OSP&WL N gauge layout work continued with fitting of drainpipes and guttering to the houses and shops. A fence was erected around the war memorial, but it failed to keep upright, so work on that was abandoned.  Shingle was laid on the operational side of the fence.  On the Thomas themed layout the boards were erected and trains run, there is still an electrical problem to be resolved though
Other members showed interest on the work carried out, and asked questions, which were answered by those working on the layouts,  others formed a discussion group.   Many thanks to BB for providing the ‘bones’ of this weeks blog report.
Tuesday 27th  February ‘18.  Due to the inclement weather there was no meeting held tonight.
Tuesday 6th March ‘18.  Another well attended meeting with much happening. On the Thomas themed layout the wiring for the hand held controllers was checked throughout. On the N gauge OSP&WL layout a lineside grounded box wagon was fitted representing a store for P.Way items and a start made on producing a detailed listing of all the wiring connections used on the three baseboards.  Over on BWJ OO layout a section of conductor rail top was coloured black to represent the colour of real Con. rail.  A revised board numbering system is to be introduced and new labels have been printed ready to fit to the baseboards undersides.  A 9 way D connector was replaced with a 25 way connector as this will be needed for the revised wiring to/from the rear storage yards.
Tuesday 13th March ‘17.  It was the clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM) evening with election of club officers and committee members.  There were no new nominations for officers or committee and all those currently in office were re elected.  Officers:- Brian Lambert - Chairperson. Colin Hudson - Secretary.  Kelvin Inge - Treasurer. With committee members:- Bob Bushell, Graham Church, Peter Newman and Doug Attwood.  The move to our new accommodation was mentioned as it vastly improves the clubs working environment. The membership were encouraged to look out for suitable alternative permanent accommodation.  Visits at the weekend to attractions for club members and their partners was also discussed.
Tuesday 20th March ‘18.  A well attended meeting with several working groups undertaking tasks on the layouts. On BWJ scenic repairs were begun on the country end with the road being removed and this will be eventually replaced with a muddy track. The conductor rail in that area was blackened. Hand made fencing using soldered items was tested with the aid of a construction jig. Wiring on the Thomas themed layout for the front handheld controllers was corrected. On the N gauge OSP&WL layout a group of shops and pubs was fitted to the main layouts town scene and scatter detailing added to around the grounded wagon body and fencing.
Saturday 24th March ‘18.  At 7:30 A.M. eighteen climbed aboard a coach parked in the WFCC car park to be conveyed to Alexandra Palace London to visit the London Festival of Railway Modelling. We picked up other members en route at Teynham, Bapchild and Sittingbourne making a total of twenty seven, then London bound onto the M2 and via the Dartford tunnel onto the A13 and eventual to Ally Pally. We arrived at around 9:40 and as our pre booked tickets allowed us early entrance to the show, we all were able to gain access to the halls before the official opening time of 10 AM.   At 4 P.M. we boarded our coach for the journey home, most of us feeling a bit tired after a full day of standing and looking at layouts and trade stands. Though the day was enjoyed by all.  We eventually pulled up at the WFCC at 6 P.M. and made our way home with memories of a great day out and hopefully something new for the layout?   A big Thank You goes to Peter Newman for organising a seamless day out.
Tuesday 27th March ‘18. It was the clubs end of month running evening and Bysing Wood Junction OO layout was in use. Once set up a variety of rolling stock was seen running. From a Bullied 1-Co-Co-1 diesel loco to Flying Scotsman to a GWR Tank loco plus a selection of other locos and stock all belonging to club members.
Tuesday 3rd April ‘18.   More scenic work was undertaken on both Bysing Wood Junction and Ospringe St Peter & Water Lane layouts including adding scenic scatters and clumping. The new handheld controllers were tested on the Thomas themed layout. While on BWJ a 9 way D connector plug was replaced with a 25 way one. More plug and sockets are to be changed over the next few weeks to allow more circuits to be installed around the layout.
Tuesday 10th April ‘18.  Tonight saw the Thomas themed layout building lighting checked and a run of locos to prove all is correct for the Bredgar & Wormshill display on 6th May.   On the OSP&WL layout garden sheds were built and an allotment constructed.  On BWJ two 9 way D connectors were replaced with larger 25 way ones to allow future circuits to pass board to board.  
Tuesday 17th April ‘18. A well attended meeting tonight with plenty going on. On the Thomas themed layout new scenic items were fitted which include two foot bridges and a lake. On the N gauge OSP&WL layout scenic work was also undertaken with more garden sheds built and walling installed plus roadway surface laid.  A stepper motor driven turntable drive was trailed.  Over on the OO BWJ layout repairs to the roadway in front of the shops was carried out and a 25 way D connector installed on the layouts underside. The depot Turntable was carefully removed and an identical turntable was trail fitted, which should prevent underside motor damage which had occurred with the old turntable. The group set up to build a diorama produced a scale mock up of their proposed layout.
Tuesday 24th April ‘18.  Another well attended meeting which was also the club running evening, tonight using the N gauge Ospringe St Peter & Water Lane layout. An assortment of stock was seen running.  The Thomas themed layout was tested too in readiness for its outing to the Bredgar & Wormshill railway event on 6th May.  On BWJ layout wiring for increasing the multipin plugs and sockets from 9 pin to 25 pin was undertaken.
Tuesday 1st May ‘18.  Work on the scenic’s of OSP&WL N gauge layout continued with a ‘Railway Social Club’ building installed and the roadways around that station forecourt and club darkened to hide the joints in the surfaces of the road material.  On BWJ scenic improvement work was undertaken on the country end of the layout. The replacement turntable was fitted into the baseboard. The new small end to end layout which will be dual OO and OO9 gauges undertook discussion on the placement of track and how the layout will be fabricated.
Chairman announced to all members at the club meeting, that due to the impending arrival of EU legislation for data protection, known as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018, all club members will have to agree to the club holding their personal data. A letter will be given to every club member which outlines the GDPR requirements and contains a returnable ‘agree’ or ‘decline’ slip attached to the end letter. The returnable slip once signed and endorsed with the members wishes (agree or disagree) needs returning to the club Treasurer Kelvin. The letter was handed out to all those present.
Sunday 6th May ‘18.  Several club members took the club’s Thomas themed layout to the Bredgar & Wormshill event where the layout was appreciated by the younger enthusiasts. The light railway and exhibition hosted by Invicta Model Rail Ltd was a great success with plenty of visitors arriving. They all enjoyed both the live steam outdoor railway and the exhibition items which was all helped by the warm spring holiday weekends weather.
Tuesday 8th May ‘18.  The N gauge group worked on the filling station and added to paving plus people were added to the seats by the pond
Thomas running repairs on ballast were undertaken as Thomas kept derailing therefore both inner and outer tracks were cleaned on the inner edges of the rail following Bredgar. This on testing resolved the problem, the car park was resurfaced. Members continued to wire the boards from front to back on BWJ  The new layout/diorama group were track planning with paper templates of points and crossings being used to plot their final position.   
Many thanks to BB for providing the text for this weeks blog.
Tuesday 15th May ‘18.  A busy evening at club with work on several items being undertaken.  The new end to end layout builders were busy planning point positions and track connections. While on the N gauge OSP&WL layout a church was trial fitted then had LED internal lighting provided. The garage was populated with two cars and petrol pumps and sales office installed.  On BWJ the turntable was trail fitted and then tested for operation using a 12 volt power supply. The exit and entrance track areas were removed and are to be repositioned. Wiring for the upgraded 25 way D connectors continued. The two hand held controllers used by the ‘children’ to control trains on the Thomas themed layout will have there forward and reverse switches removed, as these proved to be more trouble than their worth when the controllers are used by the children.
Tuesday 22nd May ‘18.  A very well attended meeting and much work was undertaken on various layouts. On OSP&WL grass was laid for the gardens of the houses and church yard.  The new end to end layout builders discussed their options for the dual gauge OO / OO9 layout they are planning to build and were helped with ideas by a visitor from the OO9 Maidstone area group.  BWJ saw another 25 way D connector assembled, plus scenic repair work and the road surface of the industrial end was repaired.  Thomas themed group cleaned ballast from the track and cut templates for proposed new structures. The child use front hand held controllers were modified to remove the forward/reverse direction switches.
Tuesday 29th May ‘18.  A less well attended meeting tonight, possibly due to the heavy rain and thunder storms occurring locally? But nether the less work which was planned was completed and the Thomas layout was ran as the end of month operating layout.  On the OSP & WL N gauge layout pictures were taken for possible use on the front of the 2018 exhibition guide booklet and some further scenic enhancements were also carried out.  On BWJ the wires from the newly made 25 way D connector were all terminated into their connection blocks.
Tuesday 5th June ‘18.   The Thomas themed group have adding additional power feed droppers on both tracks to combat current loss and altered wiring to Kids controllers taking out the reverse switch as it could cause a collision.  The new Diorama group have decided to be called ‘Micro layout group’ and the first duel gauge first baseboard completed, it will have folding legs. Point layout planned. Work on BWJ turntable repacement which was glued to the baseboard and associated run off track and buffers reinstalled.   The N Gauger’s carried out further work on scenery, with allotments fitted, and market stalls being constructed.
Many thanks to BB for providing the text for this weeks blog.
Tuesday 12th June ‘18.  On the Thomas Themed layout they continued to install additional power droppers on the inner circuit.
On the N gauge OSP & WL layout roadways were installed, as well as further scenery buildings.  On BWJ scenery repairs were done to one board.   In respect of the Micro layout legs were fitted to the main board and work has started on the traverser board has started.
Many thanks to BB for providing the text for this weeks blog.
Tuesday 19th June ‘18.  A very well attended meeting saw plenty of work undertaken.  On OSP&WL lock up garages were installed and a wall fitted in front of the main line station on the slope to the lower level.  On Thomas droppers were soldered to the rails to help improve running performance.  Over on BWJ the turntable was wired into the baseboard and two Seep PM1 motors were fitted to the exit points that lead to the rear storage yard.  While on the Micro layout OO & OO9 layout further track planning was undertaken.
Tuesday 26th June ‘19. Another very well attended meeting night, which was also a running evening using BWJ OO layout. Various items of stock were seen to be running from steam outline to modern DMU and diesel locos.  A few annoying defects were noted which will need to be repaired at forthcoming meeting evenings.  The Thomas themed layout was packed into club members cars in readiness for it to be taken to Tunbridge Wells Spa Valley Railways Gala weekend on 30th June & 1st July.  The OSP&WL N gauge layout had further detailing work carried out.
Tuesday 3rd July ‘18.  A warm summers evening and the World Cup football (England match) on TV probably resulted in a slightly lower than normal attendance? But members were kept busy with work that was undertaken.  On BWJ the Turntable was completely stripped down to find the problem with the poor drive linkage. Also the shed area lighting was repaired after a broken wire was discovered, Further scenic work was undertaken on the rough road surface along part of the front of the layout at the country end.  Over on OSP&WL N gauge layout scenic detailing continued on the upper main line town area.   No work this week was carried out on the Micro layout
Tuesday 10th July ‘18.  Members were busy carrying out various tasks on all the layouts.  On Thomas themed layout a new curved section of track was fitted once the old ballasted piece was removed, this should overcome the derailing occasional problems experienced at times.  On the Micro layout the track and points were all positioned and their final places marked for cutting rectangles for the point motors to fit into the baseboard. On OSP&WL market stall were trial fitted and buttress walls made which are to be fitted along the walling on the edge of the slope between upper and lower levels. While on BWJ the turntables base plate was glued into position pending the drive motor being fitted. Two Seep PM1 motors were installed onto the points that allow moves into the rear storage yards on the country end, these will be wired next week.
Tuesday 24th July ‘18.  A hot summers evening at club didn't detract from work being completed.  On the Thomas themed layout the newly fitted curved section of track was ballasted and the rails cleaned and then test trains were run to prove all was good with the track and electrical connections. On BWJ the turntable drive was fitted and tested plus the new baseboard alignment dowels were installed on the country end baseboards. On the N gauge OSP&WL layout the church walling was added with a Lynch gate and further detailing works undertaken.  Unfortunately the Micro layout group were unable to carry out any work this week due to the actual layout being absent, as it had been taken home by one of the group the previous week.
Tuesday 17th July ‘18.  Work on BWJ base board alignment began with the fitting of new Dowels into the side frames. Further doweling work is still to be undertaken. Buildings along the short town area back scene were re fixed and the turntable drive shaft was removed for installing an improved rotation method, On Thomas themed layout the left-hand sides curved track at the baseboard join was re aligned.  OSP&WL N gauge layout had retaining wall buttresses fitted and a large hoarding positioned towards the end of the wall, more work was undertaken making the market stalls and new shops were installed.  The Micro layout group commenced cutting rectangular holes were the point motors are to be let into the baseboard, unfortunately the work was not completed due to the cutting tool breaking its blade.
Tuesday 31st July ‘18.  Tonight was a running evening, this time using the club’s OO Thomas layout. A variety of stock was seen running from class 37 to class 71 locos and even DMUs.  On the N gauge OSP&WL further intricate detailing work was undertaken on the upper base board. On the OO/O9 Micro layout the solenoid point motors were pre wired ready for attachment to the points. While on BWJ scenic detailing was added around the turntable while a new 25 way D connector was installed and wired on the country end non scenic board. Further D connector upgrading work is still to be carried out.
Tuesday 7th August ‘18. Work on BWJ alignment dowels continued and more 25 way D connector plugs were soldered up ready for installation next week.  On the Thomas themed layout a loose captive style fixing was refitted and then the layout ran with club members stock.  On OSP&WL N gauge the etched brass hoop fencing was sprayed and cut from its frets ready for installation on the layout.  While work by the Micro layout group centred around the pre wiring of the layouts solenoid point motors and frog polarity switches.
Tuesday 14th August ‘18.  Work on completing the 25 way D connector upgrade on BWJ continued.  On the Thomas themed layout after a trail run of stock it was deemed necessary to add additional underside timber bracing to help prevent baseboard sagging. OSP&WL saw more scenic detailing work undertaken while on the Micro layout the wiring to the points rails was installed via dropper wires passing through holes drilled in the baseboard.
Saturday 18th August ‘18. A number of club members met at the WFCC and erected BWJ fully and began testing various sections. Several defects have been noted for future rectification and some were repaired during the testing period. After this several trains were test run and ear marked for the exhibition days running. Advantage was also taken of the hall hire and OSP&WL had resin water added to the towns duck pond.
Tuesday 21st August ‘18.  The defects discovered on BWJ layout following the test running on Saturday were investigated in detail and all successfully repaired on the main boards. Also on BWJ the dirt track along the country ends scenic section was painted.  No work this week was carried out on the Micro layout.  On the Thomas layout some trains were run to check their operation.  While on OSP&WL N gauge layout the churches walling was completed and hoop topped fencing installed along the railway side of the church wall.
Tuesday 28th August ‘18.  A group of club members sat down and produced the large number of packs of raffle tickets needed for the Tombola sales, in readiness for the forthcoming exhibition on 8th & 9th September.  The Micro layout group carried on with their track and point laying. While on BWJ the rear storage yard track feeding problems were investigated, but the cause of the problem still remains a mystery! Thomas themed layout was put up and some detailing work undertaken including the appearance of a carousal.  OSP&WL N gauge layouts main baseboard was again worked on with more detailed scenic items added.
Tuesday 4th September ‘18. Testing of the wiring on the rear storage yard boards on BWJ layout continued and a possible issue was discovered, but due to a lack of time the repairs will have to be carried out over the next few days and before the annual exhibition this coming weekend!  Thomas themed layout, which will also be on display at the exhibition, was tested. While some scenic work on OSP&WL N gauge was undertaken during the meeting, once all the layouts going to the exhibition had been removed from the store cupboard, one of the N gauge baseboards was laid flat and resin poured to represent water in the pond. This would be the second coat and hopefully will set while the layout remains flat in storage.  Both Thomas and BWJ were removed from storage and loaded into cars and a trailer ready to be taken to The Abbey School on Friday and set up.
Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September ‘18.  The club put on another two-day exhibition at the Abbey School Faversham. 18 layouts and 12 trade stands were all in place at opening time on Saturday morning with many arriving and setting up on the Friday afternoon after the school day had ended. We opened to the public at 10:00 and a small crowd had gathered pre opening.  The first day was busy while Sunday was a little quieter but still with good attendance. Our club members acted as stewards and with help from some members of the Canterbury and Folkestone clubs we managed to see the days through with relative ease. We closed to the public at 16:00 on Sunday, by 18:00 that evening we handed the school back to the Caretaker of the Abbey school and left with a smile on our faces and perhaps an aching joint or two? Next years show is already being planned!
See our pictures on the 2018 exhibition page…. Link Exhibition
Tuesday 11th September ‘18.  A quiet evening at club following the exhibition weekend. Club Chairman thanked all those who gave up their free time over the weekend to help run a successful exhibition and not forgetting the ladies who served endless amounts of Teas and Coffees and baked cakes plus sitting in the draft of the doorway taking the entrance fee money etc.  The exhibition was a success and the club has proved itself again on the exhibition circuit.   Both BWJ and the Thomas Themed layouts were unloaded and after a break the two layouts were reinstalled into the storage cupboard.  During the evening work was undertaken on OSP&WL scenic detailing and Thomas layout is being considered for a swap of operating/controller position.  BWJ has been found to have some minor faults that need correcting which will be undertaken over the next few weeks club meetings. A redundant voltage regulator was removed from the main operating panel.
Tuesday 18th September ‘18. Work on OSP&WL scenery continues with the church wall being detailed with vegetation and the track along the fence line ballasted.  On the Thomas themed layout the first stages of moving the controllers to the opposite side of the layout commenced. ON BWJ repairs to the car work shop ramp was undertaken and the wiring for the lighting and missing rail feed investigated and altered.
Unfortunately the Micro layout club members were unable to undertake any work as the layout wasn't available due to it being stored away from the clubroom by a member who wasn’t present tonight.
Tuesday 25th September ‘18.   Technically it was a running night, but due to both BWJ and Thomas layouts undergoing electrical rewiring work that only left OSP&WL and as no N gauge stock appeared to be run on it, it remained tonight being scenically worked upon.  On BWJ the front boards 1 to 3 were checked against the new wiring schedule and a couple of errors were corrected. The Micro layout group discussed buildings to be used on the layout from Scalescenes and other makes of ready to assemble card kits. As mentioned, OSP&WL layout continued scenic work undertaken,while the moving of the main control position on the Thomas Themed layout which involves wiring alterations was continuing apace.
Tuesday 2nd October ‘18.  A busy night at club with all four layouts being worked on.  On BWJ a 20 way connector was installed onto the main number 5 board, this connects new circuits from the control panel to the layout. Wiring checking also continued.  On OSP&WL scenic detailing work continued and on Thomas Themed layout the move of the master control position allowed the point switches to be checked and tested and proved all to be correct.  While the Micro layout group laid and checked more track on that layout.
Friday 5th October ‘18.  Several club members attended the funeral of Mick Foulger at Vinters Park, Crematorium, Maidstone. Mick’s passing is a very sad loss to the club and all who knew him. Mick joined us shortly after the club was founded in 2012 and remained an active member, he will be sorely missed.  Our thoughts and condolences are with his widow Pauline.
Tuesday 9th October ‘18.  Work on repositioning the Thomas Themed layouts controllers and point operating panel continued with testing of the rewired parts. On BWJ the recently installed 20 way panel connector was wired to the layout baseboard connections.  Over on OSP&WL N gauge layout detailing work was undertaken with the fitting of a retaining wall along the change-over slope to the lower track section plus further fine detailing works on the walls around buildings on the upper level.  The Micro layout group were engaged on further planning with most of the track now laid.
Tuesday 16th October ‘18.  Wiring corrections and tidying up continued on the baseboards of BWJ layout, with front boards 5,6 and 7 completed. On the Thomas layout the underside protection board was altered to allow access to the repositioned hand controller connection. The Micro layout saw the fitting of some temporary platforms, road and over bridge and wiring on the layout undertaken. OSP&WL N gauge layout had track ballast added along the front track and some missing patches touched in. Scenic detailing continued on the upper board.
We would like to say ‘Good Bye’ to club member David Brigenshaw as this was his last meeting before he moves home to Wales. David’s presence at club, his willingness to help and his cheery demeanour will be missed.
Tuesday 23rd October ‘18. Work continued on rewiring of BWJ front boards and installation of extra inter board connections.  On the Thomas themed layout the repositioning of the master controller positions continued and checks were made to ensure that lighting connections to buildings were all working.  Over on OSP&WL the bus depot/garage was installed onto the upper board and the main through stations walling was made ready for new copping stones. The Micro layout team were busy installing point motor wiring.  
Tuesday 30th October ‘18.  On arrival this evening we were amazed to discover a new wall portioning part of the room off was well under construction. We had no previous knowledge of such interned development by the WFCC!  After fighting our way past umpteen stacked chairs to access the tables needed the meeting got under way. It was a running evening and the clubs Thomas themed layout was used.  Assorted locos and rolling stock were run by club members. At the same time, work on the OSP&WL N gauge layout continued with more track on the lower level being ballasted. Market stalls have been constructed along with a market area on the upper baseboard and a main market building to be installed, though the one seen was a mock up of the final building still to be constructed.  On the Micro layout the wiring to a few point motors was corrected and redesign of the passenger access to the narrow gauge lines platform was discussed and a new plan emerged to install a foot crossing instead of an over bridge. On BWJ wiring of the new multi way connectors continued on board seven to board eight.
Tuesday 6th November ‘18.  More space in the meeting room tonight as the Pool table and surplus chairs had all been removed.  Work was undertaken on the Thomas Themed layout to allow access places to the underside of the layout which is normally boarded over.  On OSP&WL N gauge layout further ballasting of the lower level tracks was undertaken along with upper level scenic work continuing. BWJ layouts installation of larger way inter baseboard multi pin connectors continued, with work being carried out on boards 8 and 9.  Repairs to the storage/transportation side fixings on some of BWJ baseboards was also undertaken.  The Micro layout was not present.
Tuesday 13th November ‘18. The meeting rooms available space was again encroached upon with racking and other items taking up valuable floor area. Assurances by the centre have been given that this was only a temporary measure!  Generally it was a well attended meeting and a lot of various work was undertaken.  On BWJ the installation of larger multi way electrical connectors between baseboards continued. While on the Micro layout wiring to track feeds and point motors was undertaken. On the N gauge OSP&Wl layout ballasting around a point was carried out on the lower level and a Bus terminus complete with waiting passengers and a Gasometer were installed on the upper level.  Thomas Themed layout saw the building lighting checked and a roadway was made for vehicles accessing the new corner ‘builders depot’ scenic area.
Tuesday 20th November ‘18.  A slightly less well attended meeting evening. However, a lot of work was undertaken and OSP&WL N gauge saw more lower level track ballasted and on the upper level the site of the general market was marked out with car parking bays which the market stall traders take over on market days.  On the Thomas Themed layout a point motor which had failed was sorted and now works correctly while a section of scenic rear support walling is to be modified to make it much stronger.  On BWJ two baseboards were worked on with wiring being installed for the upgrades needed for the rear storage yards to front of layout controls.  The Micro layout was not present.
Tuesday 27th November ‘18. We welcomed two prospective club members.  Tonight saw a lot of work going on on three of our layouts. The Thomas Themed layout had softwood supports positioned and glued to the inside faces of the edge framing on one side. This then allowed Tee nuts to be fitted that will hold the fixing bolts for the new scenic edging. OSP&WL saw more front lower level track ballasted and further work on the upper levels town market area. Additionally the turntable was tested.
On BWJ OO layout the wiring installed last week was tided and and board nine was complete, board ten requires one new 25 D connector to be installed next week.   The Micro layout was not present this evening.
Tuesday 4th December ‘18.  It was a running evening using our N gauge Ospringe St Peter and Water Lane layout. Members locos and trains were seen running.  During running a track power feeding problem emerged on the lower section, in that when a loco passes over a cross-over point several other track sections remote from the cross-over become momentarily live and locos sitting on them all move! This will need detailed investigation into the cause later on.  On the Thomas themed layout fixings were checked for the new rear scenic support and then templates made for a proposed new scenic Bowling Green or a nine hole golf course (perhaps both?). On Bysing Wood Junction a 25 way D connector was soldered up and installed on baseboard 10. This will connect to board 9 and is the final upgraded connector, it will be wired in next week. The micro layout itself wasn't present, but the team had some kits to sort through to decide on which to build.  The micro layouts team leader was asked to come up with a suitable name for the layout as the layout will be included in our 2019 exhibition next September as a club Work in Progress item.
Saturday 8th December ‘18. Nineteen diners made up of club members some accompanied by their partners enjoyed a pre Christmas meal at the Three Mariners pub in Oare Nr Faversham.  After the meal the club Chairman presented four lady helpers (Pat, Glynis, Sue and Carole) with a bouquet of flowers each as a small ‘Thank you’ from the committee for their help at the clubs exhibition the previous September and hosting the committee meetings, and to Carole for being at club on a Tuesday evening providing the mid evening tea and coffee plus her help at the exhibition.
Tuesday 11th December ‘18. A lot of work was undertaken at club this evening. On the Thomas Themed layout a new diorama of a Boy Scout encampment with a lit fire effect and non operational zip wire all fitted, it was then tested for fit and its fire effect operation checked.  On the N gauge OSP & WL layout the turntable was tested for fit and operation and paper templates made for cutting of a grass mat which is to be installed between some lower level tracks.  The Micro OO/OO9 layout was tested to its control panel for point and loco operation.  On BWJ OO layout the last of the upgrade 25 pin D connectors was wired to the baseboard and two point motors wired to the terminal block connectors.
During the mid evening break, Chairman Brian was presented with a bottle of malt whisky from the committee as a ' Thank you’ for the work he puts in behind the scenes.      
Tuesday 18th December ‘18  It was the last meeting of 2018, the club members enjoyed a buffet provided at the mid evening break. Work on OSP & WL N gauge scenic's continued apace. The last part of the wiring up grades of BWJ layout was completed.  Thomas Themed layout was not worked on and the Micro layout was absent.
Next club meeting is on Tuesday 8th January ‘19
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