Club Blog 2019
Tuesday 8th January '19.   Our first meeting of the new year saw a well attended meeting.  Work on Bysing Wood Junction's turntable drive mechanism showed that the drive shaft to the geartrain had become disconnected. This was refitted with some improvements made to its connections.  While on the Thomas Themed layout the track was thoroughly cleaned and then the layout tested in readiness for its appearance at Canterbury exhibition in a weeks time. Ospringe St Peter and Water Lane N gauge layout had more scenic grass matting added to the lower section and further scenic detailing to the retaining walls. The layouts stepper motor/Arduino driven turntable was checked and fitted. The micro layout ensured the card templates they had produced all fitted correctly so as the main items would fit once built. The team have decided on a layouts name which is to be:- 'Oare and Uplees Light Railway'.
Saturday 12th January '19. We hired the meeting room from 10:30m with the main intention of testing and ensuring the N gauge layout OSP&WL worked correctly in preparation of its attendance at the Tenterden exhibition next month, plus it gave us chance to carry out further scenic work on this layout. A lot was achieved in the six hours.  At the sametime the rewired BWJ front boards were tested and a few defects were discovered which were rectified at the same time.  The rear storage yards to front board connections are still to be tested. However, it was clear that the four Seep PM1 point motors used to control the points that enter and exit the rear storage yard on the main boards were failing to throw. These will be replaced with Peco PM10E motors.
Tuesday 15th January '19. Tonight we welcomed a new prospective junior member accompanied by his Father. Club members worked on BWJ scenery at the Country tunnel end.  Work on the N Gauge OSP&WL continued with scenery painting and construction of steps leading from the booking hall to the platform.  Thomas Themed layout was got ready for the Canterbury Exhibition, track cleaning and running of loco’s to check all was correct before loading into cars for transporting it to site. A couple of loco’s were noted to derail! The group working on Oare & Uplees LR asked a signalling member where to position signals on their layout, advice was given.
Tuesday 22nd January '19. No work was undertaken on BWJ tonight. On the N Gauge OSP&WL work on scenery continued, also work was carried out on the turntable as the entry track was discovered to be higher than the turntable. The signals have been placed on the dual OO/OO9 O&ULR layout and adjustments made.  Due to some loco’s derailing on The Thomas layout at Canterbury only 3 loco’s were used. Fault identified as a joint problem in the tunnel a new piece of rail has been inserted and re-ballasted.
Tuesday 29th January '19.  A well attended meeting which was also a club running evening using the OO Thomas and N gauge OSP&WL layouts. Members brought along a variety of locos and rolling stock to run.  On the OO BWJ layout two Seep PM1 motors were replaced with Peco PL10E ones and that leaves two more to replace next week.  The OO/OO9 O&ULR layout was not present this evening.
Tuesday 5th February '19. Much work was undertaken this evening, with casters starting to be fitted to the ends of BWJ crates to ease crated movements around the room and wooden 'thickening blocks' being cut from 2" x 1" timber. These were tapered at one end and are now ready for screwing and gluing to the bottoms of the existing layout support legs of BWJ. These blocks will allow the fitting of adjustable feet onto all the legs.  On OSP&WL N gauge layout a concrete fence was installed along the sidings track on the lower level and more detailing work undertaken on the town scene.  Thomas layout was not used tonight and O&ULR layout was not present.
Saturday 9th February '19.  A small working group set up OSP&WL layout in the meeting room and then set to undertaking major scenic works. Mostly scatter materials were used but buildings were also fixed in place on the lower terminus board.
Tuesday 12th February '19.  A well attended meeting tonight with plenty going on.  On BWJ OO layout the three large crates had caster wheels fitted to one end of each crates end plate, these casters make moving the layout around now very easy. All the pre cut feet widening blocks were drilled and countersunk ready for fixing to the bottoms of all the layouts legs.  On the OO/OO9 O&ULR scenic landscaping both around the tunnel portal and along the rear of the layout took place.  On OSP&WL N gauge scenic detailing continued with bare areas painted a black colour and some buildings being added along the front lower areas. Thomas Themed layout was checked and "Shows attended" badges added to a new badge holder board.
Tuesday 19th February '19. Work on the N gauge OSP&WL layout scenics continued, with horses being glued to a newly made field and the turntable micro controller was adjusted.  On the dual gauge O&ULR baseboard a tunnel mouth has been produced and the baseboard was painted to represent soil etc.  The Thomas Themed OO layout was checked over in readiness for its appearance at Tenterden at the weekend. On BWJ the transportation crate that covers the station buildings was repaired with some further work still to be completed next week.  The welder circuit was re fitted after its micro chip was replaced. Thomas themed and Ospringe St Peter & Water Lane layouts were loaded into club members cars ready for transporting to Tenterden at the weekend.
Saturday & Sunday 23rd & 24th February '19. Saw two layouts in operation at the Tenterden model railway exhibition. Thomas Themed pleased the younger visitors with its self drive controls while the first showing of the almost scenicly complete N gauge Ospringe St Peter and Water Lane layout had great interest shown from visitors.  OSP&WL has two invites for 2020 and Thomas has had an offer to a one day exhibition in 2020. 
Tuesday 26th February '19.  Both OSP&WL N gauge and Thomas themed OO layout were unloaded from club members cars and returned to the meeting room after their outing to the Tenterden exhibition.  OSP&WL was inspected and tested for a defect with the lower level's point indications not working. This was traced to a broken wire in a terminal block.  Thomas layout was set up and a couple of trains run. A template was produced for a possible new scenic area.  BWJ middle station baseboard transportation and storage crate was strengthened along one side with a timber bracing, once completed it was noted that the opposite side would also benefit from similar strengthening and this will be carried out next week when timber is available.  The O&ULL dual gauge layout was absent from the meeting.
Tuesday 5th March '19.  A well attended meeting. On the Thomas Themed layout wiring was hot melt glue bonded to the undersides of the baseboard to help prevent it catching on anything.  The N gauge OSP&WL layout had the turntables electronics removed and checked and the tracks leading 'off stage' on the lower section where ballasted and the insides of the over bridge were boxed in. BWJ saw the first sets of the adjustable leg support blocks screwed and glued in place and the station cover crate was strengthened. O&ULR power supply and control panel was present and discussion around its mains power and low voltage feed protection resolved several issues.  The Junior club member's along with some older ones too untook a simple exercise in track laying and scenic scatter applications on a simple straight piece of small board.
Tuesday 12th March ‘19.  It was the clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM) evening with election of club officers and committee members.  There were no new nominations for officers or the committee and all those currently in office were re elected.  Officers:- Brian Lambert - Chairperson. Colin Hudson - Secretary.  Kelvin Inge - Treasurer. With committee members:- Bob Bushell, Graham Church, Peter Newman and Doug Attwood.  
Tuesday 19th March '19.  A busy evening at club.  On BWJ the rear to front acceptance relays were re configured and a Seep PM1 point motor replaced.  O&ULR saw track laying work on the traverser undertaken while on OSP&WL N gauge layout the original hillock that was used to mask the joint between two baseboards was removed and a new retaining wall started to be constructed.  The junior members continued with scenic work on their practice board while Thomas layout was used to test run a loco and scenic work preparation undertaken.
Tuesday 26th March '19.  A much quieter evening even though it was a planned running evening using the Thomas layout, where a class 37 with nuclear flasks in tow was seen running along with a small varity of other locos and rolling stock. On BWJ work was undertaken to resolve a track feeding issue and several leg thickening blocks where fitted.  On OSP&WL N gauge layout work continued with the replacement retaining wall that helps cover the gap between abutting baseboards.
The O&ULR OO/OO9 layout was not present and no work on the junior diorama was undertaken.
Tuesday 2nd April '19.  A busy evening with plenty happening on the various layouts.  On BWJ a signal control device was installed but is pending InfraRed train detection being added. While the last of the leg thickening blocks were glued and screwed to the layouts support legs ready for adjustable feet fitting. On the N gauge further scenic works was undertaken. On the OO/O9 layout O&ULR the traverser track was finished and connection between these tracks and the main baseboard started. Thomas saw new scenic items being tested for fit and the layouts support legs have been taken away for alterations. There was no Junior layout preparation work undertaken.
Tuesday 9th April '19.  Another good evening with much happening.  On BWJ an overhead lane marker for the rear storage sidings was positioned and fitted while two defects with the rear to front track feeding was corrected. On OSP&WL N gauge layout further work on the retaining wall between two baseboard joints was carried out white a handling crate hand hold was repositioned to prevent fingers touching the Gasometer. O&ULR OO/O9 layout saw track return feeds wired on the traverser board and on the Thomas layout the tunnel entrance is being widened to accommodate longer carriages etc.
Tuesday 16th April '19.  A well attended meeting with plenty going on.  On the Thomas layout the tunnel widening work continued and a newly built 'Sodor General Hospital' building was tested for fit.  On BWJ two signals were fed by infrared train detectors and a timing circuit to allow aspect changes to occur automatically.  The overhead rear storage sidings lane marker was fitted with its numbers.  O&ULR traverser wiring and locking mechanism was finalised and a loco used to test all worked correctly.  OSP&WL saw preparations made for installing illuminated station platform lamps while the recently constructed retaining wall had a 'workers footpath' access door fitted at the top of the wall where it meets the roadway.
Tuesday 23rd April '19.  Bysing Wood Junction was prepared for loading into the trailer ready to be transported to the West Essex Modelrail exhibition over the forthcoming weekend.  On the Thomas layout the tunnel widening works continued while on OSP&WL holes were drilled into the platform to accept illuminated lighting posts and a wall was constructed to partition off the new and yet to be constructed builders yard. Plans were drafted by the Junior section for a new end to end OO layout. This was agreed and baseboard materials will need to be obtained to start the construction.
Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April '19. We attended the Ilford and West Essex model railway clubs exhibition with Bysing Woood Junction.  We were able to set up the layout on the Friday evening and had it ready for running at the 10:00 opening on Saturday. The layout performed well and saw a large amount of stock operated. The rear storeage yards proving their worth in allowing a good selection of trains to be seen front of house.  Several worthwhile modifications were noted while the layout was operating and these will be undertaken during club meeting evenings.
Tuesday 30th April '19. It was a running evening using both the OO Thomas and the N gauge OSP&WL layouts. A variety of stock was seen on both layouts.  While members ran their locos and trains, BWJ was unloaded and once it was in the meeting room work begain on drilling the holes needed for installing the adjustable feet to all the supporting legs. Ten fixings and adjustable feet were installed.  O&ULR had a demonstration of servos which will be used for operation of semaphore signals.
Tuesday 7th May '19. Work continued on BWJ drilling for adjustable leg supports and fitting them. All layout legs have now been completed with just a pair needed to be fitted on a 'slide in' support bearer. OSP&WL had the new illuminated station lampposts tested in readiness for fixing into place.  Thomas layout continued with the tunnel and scenic works. The 'Junior' layouts point work was laid out and plans are now ready for obtaining and building the three baseboards.  The O&ULR layout was not present this evening.
Tuesday 14th May '19. We welcomed two prospective new members to the meeting. Work on BWJ last two adjustable legs was completed.  Thomas themed layout had scenic work undertaken for a market garden scene while OSP&WL had several lamppost installed into the main line platform, these will be wired into the power supply at a later stage.  O&ULR was erected and tested electrically with a minir power supply issue to be resolved onto the Traverser board.
Tuesday 21st May '19.  OSP&WL N gauge layout saw the illuminated lampposts wired to underneath terminal block connectors and more detailing scenic works undertaken in the 'Builders yard' area.  BWJ OO layout had work begin of strengthen the undersides of the plywood baseboards which are de laminating in some places.  Over on the Junior/Novices layout the plywood baseboard tops and side supporting plywood strips were cut and glued in place. Next is to add wooden blocks to strengthen these joints.  Thomas themed OO layout had discussion surrounding the making and fitting of a partially hidden loco in a tunnel. 
Tuesday 28th May '19. It was a running evening and several members brought in locos to run on the Thomas layout.
The country end baseboards of BWJ were worked on to stabilise the boards.   O&ULR group continued working on the layouts wiring between the boards.   N gauge OSP&WL had continuing work on the station platform lighting and scenery work on the wall of the Builders Yard area.  The junior members worked on strengthening their layouts baseboards.   Thanks goes to Bob B for providing the Blog text this week.
Tuesday 4th June '19.  A well attended meeting with several new faces attending.  While there was no work on BWJ or the Thomas layout this week a considerable amount of discussion and planning was undertaken for possible next steps.  The N gauge OSP&WL had its turntable drive reinstalled but still had some alignment problems to be resolved. The dual gauge O&ULR had discussion take place around how the layout signals and uncoupling ramps were to operate.  The Junior layouts OO baseboards began to take shape and the possibility of it somehow eventually abutting  onto and track connecting it with the Thomas layout was discussed.
Tuesday 11th June '19. A well attended meeting with plenty going on! OSP&WL N gauge layout saw the last of the main line platform lampposts installed and surface covering strips applied around their base. Now all that remains is to connect them up.  Also work on the Builders Yard scenic area continued.  BWJ had additional bracing timbers fitted to one baseboards underside and PVA glue and wood screws installed to push together the plywood where it has de-laminated. O&ULR had sides fitted to support the backscene boards.  The 'junior team' continued with the construction of one new baseboard and that is almost complete now.
Tuesday 18th June '19. Another very busy meeting tonight.  On OSP&WL the last of the station lamps were installed and connecting them all to a power source was commenced. Further work was undertaken on the turntable. The Thomas layout diversified to servicing an A4 for one of the junior members. The Juniors continued with construction of baseboards. A new Junior was welcomed to the membership.  Oare & Uplees Light Railway had further work carried out. Members were reminded about the donating of Tombola prizes.  Many thanks to KI for the Blog summary.
Tuesday 25th June '19. The Thomas themed layout was put up and a variety of members rolling stock and locomotives run. A Junior member’s loco "Mallard" that club members worked upon is now repaired and running.  The N Gauge OSP&WL layout wiring for the station lights was completed, the lights in the meeting room were put out and the effect was rewarding. Additionally, painting the turntable grey was undertaken and the installation of a workshop. On the OO/OO9 O&ULR layout electrical continuity between the 00 layout and the 009 sections was encountering problems, so further testing and checks are needed.  Many thanks to BB for the Blog summary.
Tuesday 2nd July '19.  Plenty going on at club tonight. On BWJ two lines of track were partly lifted ready for new track to be laid and cross board Paxolin copper clad strips positioned to hold the rails in place. The Junior members produced another 4ft baseboard. The N gauge layout saw the testing of the platform lights and installation of the terminus stations booking hall to platform steps. The Thomas group spent the evening cleaning and repairing an assortment of locos.  One club member produced a DCC sound class 37 loco with poor sound output but the volume was not responding to the Gaugemaster DCC controller. O&ULR layout wasn't present tonight.

Tuesday 9th July '19  Work on BWJ track re alinement continued with a second boards track at the board joint lifted and the area cleaned ready for track relaying.  OSP&WL had 12volt and 9volt power feed wiring installed for the layouts lighting power plus several new buildings fitted in the 'Builders Yard' area.  The Junior layout had baseboard No.3 commenced and O&ULR signalbox and station booking hall were checked for internal illumination. Thomas Themed layout was erected and used for a photo shoot session for the forthcoming exhibition guides front cover picture.

Tuesday 16th July '19.  A busy evening and on OSP&WL N gauge layout the tracks in the terminus station were blackened to represent oil and other dropped items from standing locos plus the market trader stalls were positioned, a sound generator for the church organ was tested but needs a better quality loudspeaker fitted.  On BWJ more cross board tracks were lifted in readiness for new track and Paxolin sleepers at the board joints being fitted.  The Junior layouts baseboard was worked on with end panels being fitted.  The Thomas layout team spent time servicing locos.  O&ULR layout was not present this evening.

Tuesday 23rd July '19. A very warm evening at club and not a great lot happening!  Both the Junior and O&ULR layouts were not present. BWJ team discussed next moves for relaying the tracks across several baseboards. Thomas team discussed their new Tennis Court scenic item. The OSP&WL N gague team continued their scenic detailing works with all the general market stalls fitted and more people added. A DCC sound fitted Class 37 loco was tested on a oval of track after a broken rear bogie pick up wire was re soldered.

Tuesday 30th July '19.  A running evening with OSP&WL N gauge layout.  Work continued on BWJ with relaying the tracks across the baseboard joints.  O&ULR has had scenic work undertaken.

Tuesday 6th August '19.  Work on BWJ cross baseboard track levelling continued. OSP&WL had more detailed scenic items added. O&ULR Had its main line platform tested for fit.  Thomas layout saw fixings installed and lighting connections made good. The Junior layout was not present tonight.

Saturday 10th August '19.  It was a windy but sunny Saturday when a group of twenty, comprising club members and their partners, arrived at New Romney station. After spending time in the stations café and visiting the model railway exhibition we boarded our reserved carriage on the 11:53 RH&D Rly train to Dungeness. At Dungeness we were served with a Fish & Chip lunch in the stations café and after a short interval we joined the 14:45 train to Hythe. A stretch of the legs at Hythe and we then took the 16:25 train back to New Romney.

Our thanks goes to Peter Newman the clubs Events Manager for organising the day which went smoothly and without a hitch.

Tuesday 13th August '19. A busy evening at club with a good attendance. On BWJ baseboard alignment work continued with a new locating dowel fitted.  OSP&WL had a Cobalt point motor replaced as the original one had suffered transportation damage and the wiring to these motors is to be via terminal block connectors to aid any future alterations or accidental damage, also more scenic detailing work was undertaken. O&ULR was measured for production of a FMRC valance curtain to cover the supporting legs etc, while the Thomas layout was used to test an old loco. The Junior layout was not present tonight. The problem of sufficent hot water for the mid evening tea and coffee making has been resolved with the purchase of an 8Ltr electric urn for use on club evenings.

Tuesday 20th August '19.  A well attended meeting with much happening.  On BWJ further track alinement work across the insustaral ends baseboard joints continued.  OSP & WL saw further scenic works and continuing installation of terminal block connectors for each point motor.  O&ULR was present and further detailing works carried out. Thomas layout was tested for wiring. The Junior layout was not present.  PAT inspections, checks and certification began on all mains powered equipment owned by the club.

Tuesday 27th August '19.  It was running night at club and three layouts were in full operation.  Thomas Themed, OSP&WL and O&ULR all were working and various stock was seen running.  PAT checks and certification on club cables and mains powered items continued too with nearly 90% of items being checked and passed for future use.  BWJ cross baseboard track relaying was not undertaken due to there being no space available to set up the baseboards needing to be worked upon.

Tuesday 3rd September '19.  A very well attended meeting, with work on the Thomas layout having the removal of a section of track along the platform area on the outer loop. OSP&WL saw a Cobalt motors drive corrected and the Turntable track aligned. O&ULR has had scenic background and further platform enhancements carried out. The Junior layout continued with its baseboard construction. BWJ was not worked on and will remain so until after the clubs exhibition.

Tuesday 10th September '19.   The week of our two-day exhibition and three of our layouts were inspected and checked for readiness and then loaded into club members cars for taking to the Abbey School on Friday evening.  The Junior layout was not worked on as there were no junior members present.

Saturday & Sunday 14th & 15th September '19.  Our annual two-day exhibition was held with 18 layouts and 12 trade stands.  Another great event with public attendance up on all previous years.  Ambleton Vale N gauge layout won the coveted Best in Show as judged by the visiting public.  See our exhibition 2019 page

Tuesday 17th September '19.  A well attended meeting with the layouts being returned to the club after the exhibition. Work on the N gauge OSP&WL involved some scenic detailing work and removal of a defective Cobalt point motor. Thomas Themed layout was set up and minor alterations made and checked while the Junior layout had track temporarily laid on its baseboard to position the point work for the platforms run round loop.  The attending members at their mid evening break discussed the exhibition and all agreed it was a good show and well worth the effort.

Tuesday 24th September '19.  Work on scenic details and a replacement Cobalt point motor continued on OSP&WL.  Thomas Themed layout was set up for members to run their OO items on.  Copper clad Paxillin was cut into thin strips to allow the track to be securely installed on BWJ hopefully at next weeks meeting.   O&ULR and the Junior layout were not present.
Weekend of 4th to 6th October '19.  Friday afternoon saw us set up Ospringe St Peter & Water Lane at Folkestone in readiness for the weekend exhibition. Between four and five operators worked the layout over the weekend while a further four club members undertook Stewarding duties on both days for the Folkestone club.  OSP&WL ran very well over the weekend and all the operators enjoyed their time at the controls.
Tuesday 1st October '19.  A well attended meeting with an early start (18:00) by a few members to give some additional time to set up part of BWJ to allow base board alignment and track laying.  Unfortunately the time taken to adjust and re dowel the baseboards meant that eventually track laying didn't take place.  OSP&WL N gauge layout was worked on and then crated and removed from the club room in readiness for its appearance at Folkestone this weekend.   Thomas Themed layout had some minor repairs carried out.  O&ULR and the Junior layout were not present at club. 
Tuesday 8th October '19.  OSP&WL was returned to the meeting room and one board was worked on to locate a lost rail feed discovered over the weekend.  This was thought to have been caused by a broken wire.  More scenic detailing work was also undertaken on one baseboard and plans to build a Gas Works coke & coal unloading depot is being discussed.  On BWJ copper clad strips were glued then screwed in place across the previously prepared baseboard joints.  It is hoped that next week we should be able to pre wire and then lay the two tracks in place.   The Junior layout and O&ULR layout were again not present. 
Tuesday 15th October '19.  A very well attended meeting.  Work on Thomas Themed layouts camping coaches was undertaken.  The Junior layout had its track laid temporarily in place and a final decision of the plan agreed. O&ULR 00/009 layout had electric style station lighting on the main platform and gas lamps fitted on the light railway halt platform. OSP&WL new name board was fitted and scenic work around the new proposed coal unloading depot was undertaken.  BWJ OO was not worked on this week.
Tuesday 22nd October '19.  Another well attended meeting with work on many items being undertaken.   OSP&WL had further work on preparation for the coal unloading stage for the Gas works, while terminal blocks were fitted to allow easier wiring to Cobalt point motors. The newly produced layout sign had an internal storage rack fitted inside one of the transportation / storage crates.  The Junior layout saw the beginning of the construction of a card station building. O&ULR had static grass laid on previously made ground area and a new proposed control panel draft template was shown.  Thomas Themed was erected to test a couple of locos.  BWJ was not worked on mainly due to lack of space to erect it.
Tuesday 29th October '19.  Being the last Tuesday of the month it was a running evening with both the OO Thomas and N gauge OSP&WL layouts in operation.   A large variety of stock was seen running on both layouts.  In addition a short piece of track was set up on a table for the testing of a DCC loco via a NCE PowerCab.  O&ULR saw servo motors attached to their fixing brackets and each servo then tested for correct operation.   A failed point motor on OSP&WL was investigated and found to be a pin retracted inside a 21 pin D connector.
Tuesday 5th November '19.  No fireworks for us tonight, but plenty of work undertaken!  On BWJ the first section of track was initially re-laid across the former defective baseboard joints, unfortunately and due to the sharp curve the flexible track used narrowed too much where many of its sleepers were removed ready for soldering the rails to copper clad sleepers. This track was abandoned and Peco Setrack radius 3 and 4 will be trialled once purchased.   OSP&WL saw lighting around the towns pond area prepared and further terminal blocks installed for Cobalt motor connections. Thomas Themed had various scenic items checked and altered or produced while the Junior layout had the station building construction continue.  O&ULR new control panel layout was discussed amongst its working group.
Tuesday 12th November '19.  The Thomas Themed group decided that the baseboard needs reducing in size per section to allow easier transportation. To this end the board will be cut into four sections rather than the current two sections.  The tracks crossing the new joints were started to be lifted.  OSP&WL saw further scenic and electrical work then was loaded into cars ready to be taken to Broadstairs for this weekends exhibition.  The junior layouts station building construction continued.   O&ULR layout was not present.  On BWJ the relaying of the tracks across the baseboard joints continued and the 3rd and 4th radius curved section of Setrack purchased during last week worked well in holding the curve. The outer curve was installed and the inner curve will be worked on next week.
Tuesday 19th November '19. Thomas layout had wires taped in preparation for cutting the baseboards and later final wiring to connectors this is to allow the boards to be cut into two making it easier to transport. BWJ had small piece of rail inserted where there was a gap in the re-laid curved track, this was done with some difficulty as the fishplate kept binding.   OSP&WL saw repairs to two point motors from weekend activities, then rewiring other point motors to terminal blocks.  O&ULR preparing for new controller and upgrading of point machines. 
Many thank to Bob B for providing the bloqs text this week.
Tuesday 26th November '19.  Due to two of the club layouts being worked upon and the third being loaded ready for transporting to Hailsham at the weekend there was no running evening this week.  Work on Thomas layouts wiring continued in readiness for cutting the baseboard into smaller quarter sections.  On BWJ after issues around baseboard alignment it had the new tracks checked and prepared for wiring. OSP&WL had scenic works carried out and then loaded into cars ready for attending the Hailsham show this Saturday. O&ULR was not present.
Club Chairman announced to all those present that we had received notice from the Abbey School that they have cancelled our 2020 September exhibition booking due to their new building works commencing in the New Year and ongoing until spring 2021. Access to the large rear car park was not available during this work. He stated the exhibition organising group had been in contact with the  Queen Elizabeth school in Faversham to see if that could become an alternative venue for 2020 and we are in discussions with them and are pending their costs for hire etc.
Saturday 30th November. Ospringe St Peter and Water Lane was transported to Hailsham for their one day exhibition.
Tuesday 3rd December '19.  A cold winter's chill in the evening air didn't stop a large number of members arriving and carrying out various jobs this week.  Firstly, OSP&WL was unloaded from the cars used to convey the layout to the Hailsham show, where it received a 2nd prize for Best in show.  The issue around a failed rail feed was resolved and the layout is now ready for its next outing to Bexleyheath show on 15th December.  The Thomas crew were busy preparing the baseboard for its 'operation' where the baseboards will be cut into halves.  BWJ team discussed what is to happen with the layout, as the track relaying exercise hasn't overcome the derailing issues at baseboard joints!  Various proposals will be put to the clubs committee for consideration.  The Junior layout station building construction is progressing well. While over on O&ULR the last of the solenoid point motors has been removed and new Servo motors got ready to be installed in their place.
Saturday 7th December '19.  Club members, many accompanied by their partners, descended on The Anchor Inn in Abbey Street, Faversham for the club's annual Christmas meal.  A packed dinning room saw all enjoy a three course meal followed by tea or coffee and Mince pies.  The chairman wished all present a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year and he then presented Honorary club member 'Carole' with a bouquet of flowers from the club in appreciation of her work serving us with the club meeting mid evening teas and coffees each week.
Tuesday 10th December '19.  Minor scenic works on Ospringe St Peter & Water Lane was carried out with a loading gauge and limit of shunt sign installed, the layout was then crated and placed into two cars in readiness for being on display at the Bexleyheath show this coming Sunday 15th.  No work on BWJ was undertaken but the team discussed several proposed track plan changes. Thomas layout continued to have its wiring altered in preparation for the cutting in half of each baseboard. The junior team continued construction of the station building.  O&ULR layout was not present.
Sunday 15th December '19.  Ospringe St Peter & Water Lane, our N gauge layout was transported to Bexleyheath early this morning and set up ready for the 10:00 public arrival. 
Tuesday 17th December '19.  The last meeting of the year was well attended. Work continued on the Thomas layout in preparation of cutting the baseboards.  A defect on the double slip on OSP&WL was investigated and during this a D connector pin was also discovered also to be defective. O&ULR had wiring to the multipin connectors completed. No work on BWJ was undertaken.
Our next club night meeting is on Tuesday 7th January 2020
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