Club Blog 2015

Tuesday 6th January ‘15.  Track laying on the “N” gauge layouts number 3  baseboard began. This will eventually allow a separately controlled terminus station, with its associated storage sidings and other loco facilities to be operational.

On the Bysing Wood West “OO” layout further country end scenic work was undertaken and a permanent way track maintenance group of figures was added.  Work on the middle brewery and goods depot and  also the town/industrial end saw more detailing being undertaken.

Saturday 10th January ‘15. A special all day scenic day was attended by several club members and a great amount of scenic detailing work was completed. Half the layouts track was sprayed and the station and industrial ends were worked on to add scatters etc. Much of the off scene areas to the rear of the tunnels were painted black to aid the visual effect from the viewing side of the layout.

Tuesday 13th January ‘15.  Further scenic work on the Bysing Wood Junction “OO” layout continued with fencing being added to the top of the embankment along the front edge and the loco shed ground area was painted a black / brownish colour to represent ash and cinders. More detailing work on the country end was also undertaken. On the “N” gauge layout further point work and track pieces were laid after being pre wired.

Tuesday 20th January ‘15. On the “N” gauge layout track and point laying continued. The lower terminus board is now beginning to look very busy track wise! Further scenic work was undertaken on Bysing Wood Junction our “OO” layout.  The remainder of the track ballast was sprayed a dirty colour a section of fencing added and many small detailing items are being added around the layout.

Tuesday 27th January ‘15.  Tonight being the last Tuesday of the month was a running evening.  Our “OO” layout Bysing Wood Junction was used.  A large variety of club members stock was run from steam locos to modern DMU and EMUs. During the mid evening refreshment break Carole was ‘serenaded’ by a chorus of Happy Birthday from those present.  The next full operating event and its public debut for Bysing Wood.

Tuesday 3rd February ‘15.  Work continues on the smaller scenic detailing items on Bysing Wood Junction at both ends of the layout.  Much fine detail has now been added. See below.  On the N gauge layout track and point laying continues apace on the lower terminus board.

Tuesday 10th February ‘15.  Further track and point laying on the ”N” gauge layout continued. The lower terminus board is now really taking shape.  On Bysing Wood Junction the clubs “OO” layout yet more scenic detailing work was undertaken. A 12 volt dc regulated power supply has been installed into the control panel and this will eventually provide the power to any buildings lights on the layout.

Tuesday 17th February ‘15.  Saw a busy evening at club! On the “N” gauge layout the double slip and its associated track work was installed. Much of the lower Terminus end track is now completed and the fitting of the Cobalt point motors can shortly be undertaken. While on the “OO” Bysing Wood Junction layout the final track spraying was completed, more scenic fine detailing was undertaken and a 12 volt dc power feed arranged to allow the signal box to be internally lit and welding light simulator to operate.

Tuesday 24th February ‘15. The “OO” layout - Bysing Wood Junction was removed from the clubs store cupboard and loaded into a trailer ready for delivery to the Tenterden exhibition where it will be erected on Friday evening ready for the Saturday and Sunday show.  The “N” gauge layout was used in the club room and a couple of trains were run on the main lines, while work on the lower terminus areas track also continued.

Saturday 28th February & Sunday 1st March ‘15. Saw our “OO” Bysing Wood Junction layout have its debut exhibition at the Homewood school show in Tenterden. The layout performed very well and gave great enjoyment to those who operated it. It received many admiring and welcomed comments from the visiting public too.

Tuesday 3rd March ‘15.  The “OO” layout was returned to its ‘home’ storage area after spending the weekend at Tenterden. Due to a oversight with room booking the demonstration and talk about Air Brush painting techniques was held in the main club meeting room rather than the smaller meeting room 2. Around eighteen club members enjoyed the talk and some even had a go at testing their skill with an air brush. But no budding Banksy’s were discovered!

Tuesday 10th March ‘15.
 The clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held with the election of club officers and committee members for the next twelve months. The committee is comprised of  Officers - Brian Lambert Chairperson. Colin Hudson Secretary.  Kelvin Inge Treasurer. With committee members Bob Bushell, Graham Church, Peter Newman and newly elected Doug Attwood.  Martin Luffman has stood down from the committee due to personal circumstances and he was thanked by all those present for his help he had given the club over the last three years. A Chairman's report giving a review of the past year and future thoughts was presented by Brian. The financial statement was presented to the club by Kelvin and was accepted by the clubs membership. The one day exhibition in September was debated in some depth and the 2016 exhibition becoming a two day event was announced. An amendment to the clubs constitution was tabled and agreed by all those present. This now states the minimum junior membership age be eleven years, which previously had not been stated.

Tuesday 17th March ‘15. The evening was again well attended following the AGM, nobody seemed to be put off! The OO team discussed the proposed inclusion of a fiddle yard for future exhibitions and measurements were taken to enable a working plan to be drawn up. Members decided there was no great hurry to start this work and would seek committee agreement before purchasing the necessary timber and sheet materials. As for the N gauge team work continued with the track laying on the terminus board, an extra point was inserted as it was decided to move the proposed engine shed so as to stable more locos. The question was asked "What had Henry the vacuum been doing during the intervening period between meetings? Can any body offer an explanation?

Tuesday 24th March ‘15.  With a record attendance this evening it was rather hard to find a place not occupied by several members working on projects or just chatting. On the Bysing Wood Junction “OO” layout the tea bar caravan was installed in the yard area of the industrial site and its internal lighting wired to the 12 volt lighting feed.  An opportunity was taken to tidy some of the wiring too. Discussion took place around the proposed layouts fiddle yard extension and how the point work and track would fit in with the existing and proposed new scheme. A decision to purchase two right hand points and  a diamond crossing was made.  On the “N” gauge layout further track laying was undertaken and two loco servicing pits were installed which involved drilling out suitably sized slots in the baseboard.

Tuesday 31st March ‘15. As this meeting was the last Tuesday of the month it was a running evening. Bysing Wood Junction was the layout in use and several members made use of this by running  a variety of stock.  Having obtained the two right hand points and the diamond crossing some checks were made to ensure these items could be fitted into the existing track formation. Discussion then took place around the proposed new rear fiddle yard boards continued and the general consensus was that the two initial branch off boards be 3’ x 4’ft while the linking boards making up the actual fiddle yard should be 18” wide by 4 foot long each one shorter board making a lifting bridge section to allow easy centre operator access.

Tuesday 7th April ‘15.  On the “N” gauge layout a large diameter hole was cut into the baseboard to accommodate the Peco turntable well. Track was electrically tested with the aid of a multimeter for correct polarity at all the points etc.   On the “OO” Bysing Wood Junction layout two right hand points were let into the existing track, these will form the entrance and exit for the as yet un built fiddle yard area. Unfortunately the diamond crossing obtained was of the incorrect angle and this will have to be replaced by a small diamond crossing to be obtained during this coming week and then fitted at next weeks meeting.

Tuesday 14th April ‘15.  Work on the new fiddle yard extensions track work that exits off the main lines at the rear left hand end of Bysing Wood Junction continued, but came to a grinding halt due to a lack of flexible track! Once more track is procured work can continued next week.  On the “N” gauge layout more track was pre wired and laid. This track leads to the right hand end sidings making up the goods yard area.

Tuesday 21st April ‘15.  Work on the Bysing Wood Junction new fiddle yard entrance and exit tracks from the main lines got well underway with one end completed and the tracks wired and the country end having the existing tracks cut and points positioned ready for final installation. Some minor track isolation electrical testing was undertaken on the “N” gauge layouts new lower terminus boards track. Several of the club membership meet as a separate group to discuss a future project, that of making a new layout aimed at the newcomer to the hobby. This will be called for the time being ‘The Experimental Layout’. It will be based on a 6 x 4ft baseboard and in “OO” gauge, The tracks will form a double loop with two sets of cross-over points connecting loop to loop. There will be sidings installed that are at opposite directions to each other - one for a station complex the other for an engine shed and general sidings. Members involved in the project will bring in to club what track they have to see what can be used. A small club funded budget was also discussed.

Tuesday 28th April ‘15.  As it was the last Tuesday of the month it was a ‘running evening’ using the clubs “N” gauge layout.  Various items of stock were seen to run including some German stock too! The ‘Experimental Layouts’ baseboard timber has been purchased and a start was made on constructing the side framing. No work on the “OO” Bysing Wood Junction layout was undertaken.

Tuesday 5th May ‘15.  Work got well underway on the new ‘Experimental layout’ baseboard construction, with the sides being cut and braced ready for assembly to the top surface.  On Bysing Wood Junction the two new points and diamond crossing at the country end leading eventually to the rear fiddle yard was installed into the existing track formation.  Fencing was placed along part of the front of the layout with more to be completed next week.  On the N gauge layout a point at the siding end was installed and the tracks leading from that point almost completed. A draft track plan for the Terminus areas control panel was reviewed and it was decided to make all the lower terminus areas track sections dual controlled via change –over switches fitted to each section.

Tuesday 19th May ’15. Another bumper evening with loads going on!  On the Experimental layout the track was temporarily laid in place and some then pinned down.  On the N gauge layout the first three of seventeen Cobalt point motors were installed onto the terminus sections point work. On the OO Bysing Wood Jcn. layout the control panels wiring was slightly modified to allow a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) power source to be used to drive the Turntables motor very slowly from the existing 12 volt dc power feeds.   Henrys top is still missing!!!

Tuesday 26th May ‘15.  It was running night at club this week. Bysing Wood Junction our “OO” layout was used and various assortments of stock was run. With a well attended meeting there was little or no space to carry out any other works, though it is more usual not to do this on a running evening anyway! The Henry vacuum sage ended tonight with the failed cleaner being taken away with a view of having the motor head unit electrically inspected

Tuesday 2nd June ‘15.  With a good attendance there was plenty going on at the meeting tonight.  The “N” gauge layout had five or six Cobalt point motors fitted and a wooden brace screwed in place to support the Terminus areas control panel.  The Experimental layouts track for both loops and much of the point work was laid and tested by hand with some rolling stock to ensure problem free running. Bysing Wood Jcn our “OO” layout had some minor repair work undertaken to the town scenes roadway and some new fencing was pre painted in readiness for its erection on the layout.

Tuesday 9th June ‘15.  This evening the club members attended a talk by club chairman on Layout Wiring.  The talk covered basic features such as electrical safety, simple layout wiring, switches, Diodes and LEDs   The slide show can be viewed here… Slide Show link

Tuesday 16th June ‘15.  Work on some small scenic repairs on the Bysing Wood Jcn layout was undertaken. The Turntable motor was removed and a slow revving replacement fitted. On the N gauge layout more Cobalt point motors were installed onto the Terminus baseboards.  Construction of the new fiddle yard baseboards for Bysing Wood Jcn got well under way this evening too. The experimental layout had more track laid.  Work continues on wiring of the N gauge Terminus control panel, though this is being carried out at home by club chairman Brian, rather than at club itself due to the vast amount of work needed.  We welcomed a visitor from Holland - Peter, who is modelling British prototype. He visited us for the evening while holidaying in the UK. We wish him well in his modelling work and he’s always welcome to call in again.

Tuesday 23rd June ‘15.  On the clubs Bysing Wood Jcn. layout a section of track to represent a disused siding is to be laid. The track section was painted a dirty rusty colour in readiness for laying and a carriage is to be converted into a S & T messing and tool van and is to be located either on the disused track or close by.  The N gauge Terminus area control panel, which is now almost complete, had its layout fixing brackets installed. Also four D connector cables were prepared for later termination on the layout, these will connect the panel to the layout for track feeds, point motor operation and LED point position indicators.  Further track and point laying on the “OO” Experimental layout continued.    

Chairman Brian announced that club members and their partners too are needed to help with various duties at our forthcoming exhibition on 12th September. A list for volunteers to put their name on will be available at each club meeting and a circular email will also be send to all members asking if they can help on the day.

Tuesday 30th June ‘15.  The last Tuesday of the month saw us running members stock on the Bysing Wood Junction “OO” layout.  Various items of stock was run and some scenic repair areas were noted, these will be undertaken during next weeks meeting.

Tuesday 7th July ‘15.  Work on scenic repairs on Bysing Wood Junction commenced plus two multi pin connectors were lowered deeper into the baseboards underside to help prevent possible transit damage. A complete baseboard was assembled for the new rear fiddle yard.  On the “N” gauge layout the Turntables operating motor housing was trial fitted and the TT well hole in the baseboard opened up slightly. The Terminus areas control panel has been completed and now needs its cable connections installed onto the the layout. The “Experimental layout” had further track and point work installed.   Henry made a triumphant return after being repaired and was used several times during the evening!

Tuesday 14th July ‘15. Work on installing the “N” gauge layouts turntable was carried out, the baseboard hole was enlarged a little and the cork track bed removed to allow the TT deck rim to sit at track level.  On the Experimental layout a dual dc controllers track power was connected to both loops of track. The rails were cleaned and then a couple of test locos were run successfully.

Tuesday 21st July ‘15. On the ‘Experimental layout’ nine Peco PL11 surface point motors were fitted to the points and their wires taken via drilled holes to below baseboard. Three way strips of terminal block were hot glued onto the underside of the baseboard, each block being located close to the point motors position it is for. Return wiring was then installed linking together all the point motors return wires.  On the “N” gauge layout four rows each of twenty six way terminal blocks were installed onto the underside of the Terminus area baseboard and each strip of terminals was given an identity colour coding, these terminals will connect the control panels cables to the layout wiring. Most of the electrofrog points frog wires were fitted to the Cobalt point motors.

As next week is the last Tuesday of the month, it was decided that the “N” gauge layout would be used. If club members have N gauge items they would like to run, please bring them along and speak to Graham.

Tuesday 28th July ‘15.  Running night using the clubs “N” gauge layout took place. Several locos were run together with some continental items too. Work on cutting and fitting clear Perspex anti touch screens to the front of Bysing Wood Jcn commenced, with three panels being cut and these are now ready to be fixed to the layout next week.

Tuesday 4th August ’15.  Plenty going on tonight!  On the Bysing Wood Jcn. layout the first three Perspex type front anti touch screens were fitted, leaving four sections to be cut and fitted.  The experimental layout had further point motor and point operating switch wiring installed and the positions of the two DC controllers was decided - one at each front corner. On the “N” gauge layout point frog wiring was installed to the remaining Cobalt point motors on the lower terminus baseboard.

Tuesday 11th August ‘15.  With a large number of club members present this evening (possibly a record attendance?) there was much happening.  On Bysing Wood Jcn. Layout two more Perspex panels were cut and fitted, leaving just two more to cut and fit next week to complete the front anti touch screen.  On the “N” gauge layout the four 25 way D connector cables leading to the Terminus areas control panel were stripped of their outer insulation and the inner braiding and foil removed, then the wires were made ready for terminating onto the four rows of twenty five way terminal blocks which are mounted under the Terminus baseboard. The “N” turntable was converted from four wire operation to two wire and tested. The ‘Experimental’ layout had its two controller retaining pads fitted and wiring of the point motors began with the wires from each motors connection block being taken to the input terminal block.  A “G” gauge DCC loco was set up on a rolling road and tested with a Digitrax DCC system.

Tuesday 18th August ‘15.  The final anti touch Perspex panels were cut and fitted to Bysing Wood Jcn. layouts front edges.  It is planned that during the running evening next week these will all be removed and the baseboard front edges painted black with fast drying acrylic paint and then the panels will be refitted and the protective film removed.  On the Experimental layout a point lever control panel was fitted, two DIN sockets wired and fitted for controller track feed inputs to the layout. No work this week was undertaken on the N gauge layout itself, but the four 25 way D connector leads to the Terminus control panel were tested and each core identified and marked.

Tuesday 25th August ‘15.  Bysing Wood Junction was fully set up for the evenings running night.  The front Perspex screens were all removed and the scenery to baseboard interface along the front edges was painted black. Once dried the plastic screens were refitted and the Velco strips bonded to the Perspex these are for the curtain valance used during shows.  A minor electrical fault has been noted which will need investigation next week.  Members ran various items of stock and tested that each item worked correctly, in readiness for the exhibition on 12th September.  Several ‘staged’ photographs of suitable stock on the BWJ layout were taken and the committee selected two for use on the 2016 exhibition publicity leaflets.

Tuesday 1st September ‘15.   Part of Bysing Wood Jcn. layout was set up to investigate a reported track feed power problem after the previous weeks running night. As no defect could be found on the layout it was decided to leave it alone, further work on the crating of the layout was then carried out.  On the “N” gauge layout the first of the four 25 way cables was terminated for the eventual connection of the terminus area control panel. The Experimental layout had its point switch panel pre wired and these will connect to the internal CDU and a multi way output socket.  All the clubs mains 240 volt extension leads and mains powered equipment was PAT checked and labelled.

Tuesday 8th September ‘15.   No work on any layouts this evening, as it was the pre exhibition meeting night and all those who are helping were giving their duty rosters and HV vests and a discussion followed around what needs to be undertaken during the Friday and on the shows Saturday.

Tuesday 15th September ‘15.  Wiring of the point switch panel multi pin socket on the “Experimental” layout commenced, while on Bysing Wood Junction one track was unpinned and the both rails cut through, the track was eased out and two Insulated Rail Joiners inserted, then the track was re laid.  
Following the huge success of our first exhibition held on Saturday 12th members were treated to a buffet at the mid evening break time, this was as a small “Thank You” for all their efforts.  This was followed by a de brief of what all those who hade helped thought of the exhibition, what we could improve upon and what if anything went wrong or wasn't 100%  and what we did that was just right.

Tuesday 22nd September ‘15.  With a good attendance and three new faces at club this week, much work was undertaken.  Bysing Wood Junction had one more of its new rear storage yard baseboards produced and sections of track lifted along the front scenic boards on baseboards 3 & 4. A little further track will need to be lifted and then the new track can be pre wired and laid, which will smooth out and reduce the radius of the two curves on the main lines just after leaving the platform. All this work needs to be fully completed before the layout is taken to Broadstairs in late November.  The ‘Experimental’ layout continued to have its point operating switches wired. On the N gauge layout the wiring was installed to operate the Turntable.

Tuesday 29th September ‘15.  It was a running evening using the N gauge layout. Various stock both English and Continental was run.  At the same time securing bolts, washers and nuts were installed onto the baseboards adjustable supporting feet to improve their rigidity. Just two more adjusters need to be completed next week. On the Bysing Wood Junction layout one lines track on one baseboard was partly lifted and an electric file style belt sander used to smooth level the baseboard to remove old ballast and glue etc.   On the Experimental layout work continued wiring the point switch console.

Tuesday 6th October ‘15.  Work on Bysing Wood Junctions track realignment continued with a new piece of track laid into place and the double curve it forms was smoothed out more. Dropper feed wires were attached to the rails undersides prior to lightly pinning the track into its final position. Copper clad sleepers were cut and fixed to the board edges and the new tracks rails soldered directly to the sleepers and then each rail was cut through to allow the baseboard sections to be parted. Further new rear of layout baseboards for BWJ layouts new storage yard was constructed.  On the N gauge layout the multi way D connector cables were terminated into their respective terminals on the Terminus baseboard.  The Experimental layouts point switch panel to layout wiring loom was checked and labelled and then installed.  

Tuesday 13th October ‘15.  The new section of track on Bysing Wood Junction was wired and tested with a loco and coaches. One cross board joint was found low and the rails raised to correct, then it was retested. Packing under the sleepers was added as required and next week should see the ballast added. A new disused siding has been added and that will need scenic treatment next week.  On the N gauge layout further control cable wiring and testing was undertaken and the last of the point motor frog feeds installed.  On the Experimental layout the wiring for the point operation switch panel was completed and the 25 way D connectors plug cover fitted. A further rear fiddle yard baseboard for BWJ commenced construction.     

Tuesday 13th October ‘15.  The new section of track on Bysing Wood Junction was wired and tested with a loco and coaches. One cross board joint was found low and the rails raised to correct, then it was retested. Packing under the sleepers was added as required and next week should see the ballast added. A new disused siding has been added and that will need scenic treatment next week.  On the N gauge layout further control cable wiring and testing was undertaken and the last of the point motor frog feeds installed.  On the Experimental layout the wiring for the point operation switch panel was completed and the 25 way D connectors plug cover fitted. A further rear fiddle yard baseboard for BWJ commenced construction.     

A club Christmas meal was announced and is available to all club members, their partners or friends.

Tuesday 20th October ‘15.  The ballast was laid on Bysing Wood Junctions new track and then the ballast was soaked in quick drying ballast glue.  The newly installed disused siding was scenically treated with various shaded of static grass. The whole area will receive a spray of a weathering ‘dirty wash’ colour next week to tone down the new ballast.  A new rear fiddle yard baseboard was finished. The Experimental layout had power applied to the point operating levers for the first time and after some minor corrections to the wiring all but two point motors worked correctly. One non working motor is due to a defective point lever switch while the cause of the other ones failure is still to be investigated.  On the N gauge layouts Terminus board further electrical work was under taken to wire the Cobalt point motors.

Tuesday 27th October ‘15.   As this was the last Tuesday of the month it was a running evening. Both the N gauge and OO experimental layout were in use. Various items of rolling stock were seen running on both layouts. One that impressed was a OO Tornado which ran very well, but an older Royal Scot kept de railing, this will need re gauging.  On Bysing Wood Junction 00 layout just the industrial end set was up and adjustments made to the ballast that was laid last week where it had moved after it was crated and stored away.  A step was made off the foot crossing. Track and rail spraying will now take place at next weeks meeting.

Tuesday 3rd November ‘15.  Work on spraying the rails and ballast on Bysing Wood Junction was completed. More 9mm plywood is required for the layouts rear storage/fiddle yards. This will be procured during the week in readiness for next weeks meeting.  On the N gauge layout a  station platform template was made for construction of the actual station and platforms.  On the Experimental layout testing of the failed point motors proved to be a wiring disconnection on one motor the other remains still to be tested.

Tuesday 10th November ‘15.  The disused siding on Bysing Wood Junction was completed with the addition of a mess and tool van being secured to the sidings rails.  Some light weathering of the ballast was carried out. Further work on constructing the rear storage/fiddle yard baseboards was undertaken and two rear boards were hinged together to allow easy storage and transportation. Work on fault finding the point motor problems on the Experimental layout continued and each motor was proven to work when directly feed with momentary power. The fault now appears to be in the cable to the switch box or the boxes switches.   

Due to a double booking the date of the clubs Christmas meal has been moved to the 19th December ‘15.

Tuesday 17th November ‘15.  It was a test running night with the “OO” Bysing Wood Junction layout prior to it being taken to the Broadstairs show on 28th and 29th November.  Various locos and rolling stock were tested and it was found that those with metal or metal replacement wheel sets ran the best.  No serious defects on the layout were discovered and it was then crated ready for transportation.  On the “N” gauge layout the platform templates were test fitted to the layout and then adjusted to match the track profile.   Wiring of the Cobalt point motors on the Terminus board begins and 6 core cable will be installed between each motor and the rows of control panel connection terminal blocks.

Tuesday 24th November ‘15.   Bysing Wood Junction layout was extracted from the store cupboard and then loaded into a trailer together with all the accessories needed to operate it. This will then be transported to Broadstairs on Friday evening in readiness for their exhibition this coming weekend.   The clubs committee took the decision to purchase three, and as new, EMU sets that had been offered at club for sale. These will be used on BWJ layout this weekend and at other times too.  We are to look into the possibility of having a third controller position on the layout to operate the station to Luddenham section with possibly an auto shuttle working too, though DCC operation would then not be possible.  The point operating problem on the Experimental layout was traced to a pair of defective pins in a 25 way D plug. These were extracted, then soldered and refitted and all points then tested and all found to be working correctly.   Wiring of the track feeds and the Cobalt point motors on the N gauge layouts terminus board commenced.

Tuesday 1st December ‘15.  Bysing Wood Junction was unloaded from the trailer after a successful weekends showing at the Broadstairs exhibition, where it ran very well for the whole weekend. Two lengths of Velcro tape which hold the valance cloth to the layout had become detached during putting away, so these were re fixed.  Work on constructing the new rear fiddle yards baseboards for BWJ continued.  On the OO  ‘Experimental’ layout a section of the track was ballasted and then glued in place using quick drying ballast glue supplied by WWS Ballast glue.

Tuesday 8th December ‘15. Work on the N gauge layouts Terminus board point motor feeds and indication wiring continued. Support legs were constructed for one baseboard of the new rear fiddle yard for Bysing Wood Junction. Discussion on how to wire and operate the proposed alterations to BWJ main control panel took place with agreement to use relays to switch between controllers. More track ballasting was undertaken on the Experimental layout

Tuesday 15th December ‘15. The last meeting evening of 2015 saw the club members enjoy a free evening buffet which was then followed by the drawing of the clubs prize raffle. First prize of a brand new Hornby steam outline loco was won by Ian C. Carole was presented with a bouquet of flowers from the club in thanks for all her hard work in making the mid evening teas and coffees throughout the year.
Saturday 19th December ‘15. Club members and their partners sat down to an evenings pre Christmas dinner at the Carriage Restaurant in Faversham’s Railway Hotel.   Three courses plus coffee and Mince pies were enjoyed by those attending.
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